Ibrox Paints A Target On Collum’s Back And The Head Of Refereeing Praises Their Manager.

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Have you ever heard such a sycophantic statement by an SFA bigwig towards a representative of a club who has openly painted a target on a referee’s back?

When the officials met at Hampden in the aftermath of Ibrox’s Willie Collum demand they were furious and accused the governing body of not doing enough to protect them.

Tonight, we see why.

The head of referees, Crawford Allan, last heard from when he interrupted a holiday to get himself onto the radio to explain a decision in a game involving Celtic, has come out tonight to defend VAR even as it those running it are accused of botching an entire series of decisions. That would be bad enough, and I’ll be writing about that tomorrow, but he’s gone further.

Crawford Allan has actually thanked the manager of the Ibrox club because he has backtracked on his own words, and offered support to officials.

This is a classic example of people at that club showing how they are capable of talking out of both sides of their mouth. And as per usual, the people who run the game here are swallowing it whole.

Earlier on this season, Manneken Piss was fulsome in his support of VAR, back when it was giving his side penalty kicks and deciding not to award them against them.

We said “let’s see how long that lasts.”

Only long enough, as it happened, for a decision or two to go the other way and then he became the latest in a long line of Ibrox managers to offer up the officials as scapegoats when his club doesn’t get the result it wants.

But Ibrox went much further than that of course, and actually deliberately targeted Collum. And you know what? The manager sat in total silence as they ramped up the case against him.

Only now, weeks down the line, with them having again gotten some calls (and fifteen minutes injury time the other day between both halves, I mean what?) is he suddenly 100% supportive again?

Ibrox plays its games. We know that.

But Allan has actually praised them for it, which elevates him to a whole new plain of stupidity and lowers him to a whole new point of subservience.

He claims that referees as a whole were delighted by this and thankful for it … is he kidding? I am sure they’re not as impressed by it as he is, but they’re not allowed to say it.

This really is pathetic from this guy. I said earlier that it was the media that was overdosing on the Clement Kool Aid; by the sounds of it they aren’t the only ones.

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  • Michael Miller says:

    It doesn’t matter what Crawford Allen or anybody else says it still comes down to why Celtic FC are so quiet when this Blatant cheating is going on in Scottish Football .
    Their lack of a Spine is Sickening and absolutely Cowardly .

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      There’s not much they can do about games not involving Celtic Micheal…

      But Bloody Hell – How much have The Hoops been robbed (Kilmarnock 1st League Cup game of the season) amongst others –

      And the board and Brendan done and said NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING…

      Old men in Grey Suits with the brightest ever yellow skin !

    • Gerald McLaughlin says:

      The Celtic board have spoken out many times Michael. They just don’t make it public as they don’t have the same MSM support that the New club has. If they made it public can you imagine the press they would get in Scotland.

  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    “ Closing The Ranks”

    John Smugger Smith….1919.. 2014..

    Famous Mason.. saying…

    Employee of mine Started Age.. 65. Retired 85.

  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    For Mega decades sfa officials attending home games at castlegray skull.

    these parasites automatically make their way to the directors box. On the table was large bottle of Whiskey. Incredibly many were spotted leaving the boom at eight at night carted
    Into a taxi…

  • Roonsa says:

    In my day, people with 2nd names for first names were guaranteed apron wearing huns.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I fid it somewhat refreshing that that Clement can issue a comment that is at odds with his paymasters views, good for him.

    I don’t think though, that the SFA powers that be should be praising him in such a way that it is somehow lessening the malignant damage that has already been done by the Ibrox hierarchy.

  • John Copeland says:

    If big Pip picked his nose and flicked it – in public – those brown noses and blue noses from the SMSM would praise the guy to the heavens for his superior ingenuity ! I think his short fuse shall be the undoing of him ….at the end !

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Crawford Allan is so obviously anti Celtic, what an axse licking wee pip squeak he is, thanking the manager of a club who have tried to dictate who referees their games and who doesn’t.

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