It Was Pretty Unprofessional For Lecce To Reveal A Celtic Player’s Salary Today.

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Tonight, I read a pretty astonishing couple of articles stating that Lecce, who had been trying to get their hands on Gustaf Lagerbielke, have released the details of his salary at Celtic. I thought that couldn’t possibly be right when I saw the headlines, but lo and behold that’s exactly what they did do, by publishing his wages of around £800,000 a year along with his transfer fee.

I recognise that they might be a bit pissed off with the way Celtic handled this affair. I agree with them on that, just as I agree with the player himself being pretty pissed off that the club didn’t allow him to make the move, but this is seriously uncool.

Celtic should be very reluctant to do further business with them, and this was one of those moves you could easily have seen going through in the summer. There is a reason why we don’t put those kinds of details in the public domain, and Lecce have a board that should understand just fine. That creates issues in the dressing room. That causes problems.

Mistakes have been made in this saga. Of course they have. Celtic are responsible for the biggest one; I think we should have allowed him to go come what may with Carter Vickers because he’s not wanted and the manager doesn’t rate him and he knows it and he has expressed his public frustration over it all. That should have been the end of the line.

But for a club to release confidential information such as that is just plain wrong, whether they did it by accident or by design. If someone leaked their details of their staff salaries they would rightly be raging over it, and who could blame them?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Celtic was very aggressively raising this issue behind the scenes. As grim as this board of ours is right now, they are not as thoughtless as this. We are fully entitled to be very cheesed off, whether we express that in public or not.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Another cock up surprise, surprise…

    The only thing that’s strange is that it’s only partly the fault of Celtic given the fcuk ups at Parkhead this season !

    There had BETTER NOT BE ANY on the field of play on Wednesday or Saturday or there are gonna be a helluva, helluva lot of angry angry Hoops fans out there !

  • Pan says:

    Celtic are at fault here, not Lecce. The respect for the club is diminishing fast.

  • Mark Lamarre says:

    His wages are 800,000 Euros a season, which equates to 13,000 Sterling per week (gross) – nothing outrageous for a professional footballer.

  • Davie says:

    I wouldn’t blame other teams for what does or doesn’t happen at Celtic.
    I keep hearing an old song, might have been by The Clash, Should I Stay or Shoulld I Go.
    Group name and song are very fitting for Celtics Hierarchy.

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