Kenny Miller Has Wiped Celtic’s Win Against Sevco Completely From His Memory.

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Before I even start here I will get accused of making a semantic argument, but in point of fact I am not. When I say that Kenny Miller’s assertion that the Ibrox club have the “momentum” in the title race is absolute rubbish I can back it up.

We’re on a run including eight wins in nine games.

Guess who we beat on that run? Yes, them.

I cannot believe this needs to be restated over and over again.

Yeah, we dropped points against Aberdeen recently but it’s preposterous that this should count against us whilst the fact that they dropped three at Celtic Park doesn’t seem to count against them. It takes a really selective use of the facts to come to the conclusion Miller has here.

They will go top if they win by enough goals tonight. On goal difference. But it’s not that long ago that they had to win their games in hand to go clear on points. Why can’t they do that tonight? It’s because – yes! And here we go again! – we beat them at Celtic Park. Kenny Miller and a whole host of others seem to have erased that game from their memories.

But it happened. We know it happened because we can look back at the results and see that it did. It happened. There are highlights of it available online.

I accept that evidence isn’t always taken as seriously in Scotland as it might be – I republished my Obituary of Rangers earlier; you can read it here if you haven’t already and people still deny that happened – but this is so fresh in the memory that nobody should be able to simply hand-waive it.

I am getting seriously cheesed off with this phoney-baloney narrative.

I’ll be writing later on about the best take-down of it so far, but in the meantime I cannot express enough my growing anger over the way the media is picking and choosing only the facts that it wants.

The Ibrox club came to Celtic Park recently and lost. It might not suit them to recall it, but it’s true and they can dance around it all they want … but Celtic are actually the league’s “on form” team.

Miller and others can bend reality all they want.

That doesn’t change just because they want to ignore it.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    R-anger *

    * (As they individually were when he played for them)…

    It’s incredible how he’s ended up the incoherent biased rambling wreck of a human being that he has ended out…

    A shame really as he was a very decent hardworking football player wherever he was playing at –

    I met him once at Parkhead and he signed a top for ma neighbors wee lad and he seemed to be sane and civil and ok despite his weird accent…

    But there must be something in the toilet water at Liebrox that turns their heads when they go there –

    But never let it be forgotten that his first love was Green & White…

    No not Charle and Craigey –


  • Raymond Carmichael says:

    James, check out this stunning paragraph in an interview article with Don Cowie in Today’s Sun by a reporter called Alasdair Fraser, in the article the idiot reporter states,

    ‘Philippe Clement’s Rangers side have yet to suffer
    anything even close to an upset, with only their loss to Celtic interrupting a run of 14 straight wins’ ???

    Unbelievable really, make sense of this statement if you can!!

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      No – Because a stonewall penalty to Aberdeen (Goldson x 2) would’ve been close to an upset for Sevco…

      And No again because Muir not playing 6 minutes of injury time after finding a mysterious five tonight would’ve been close to another upset for Sevco as well !

  • SSMPM says:

    The search for Miller’s brain continues but it should be easy to locate really. It’s hidden under all that bigotry and bile nonsense that he tries to prevent he doesn’t represent. What low life hun loving piece of muck he is. Twat.
    Don’t get me started on Wilson, Provan et al. Even Sutton has started wi the BS.
    Deary me. C’mon Hoops let’s get our 1st team back to strength and run that muck down their throats. HH

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