One Defender In Scotland Is Still Able To Handle The Ball In The Box At Will.

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Did we learn anything last night other than that Bojan Miovski is a great player who Celtic really should have rushed out and signed, or that Ibrox continues to be a poor side who could lose a lot of points if other clubs get their act together? Yeah, we were reminded of something that Scottish football forgets at its peril. Ibrox don’t concede penalties.

There are people in the media, like The Village Idiot, who rather than address what happened last night will indulge in Whataboutery or point to the decision to red card Sterling.

For the record, it’s a red card and he deserved it. But it’s the Goldson handballs which ought to be the focus of attention because as some of us predicted, when one long “statistical anomaly” ends, another one is bound to begin and we are, once again, watching it unfold.

Is there something odd about Goldson? Does he have a force field around him which attracts the ball towards his hands, and thus he is protected by special rules?

Or is he invisible to the VAR system?

There has to be a reason that not only do referees fail to notice him on the pitch but that VAR doesn’t spot his offences either? Some of the times he’s handled the ball are so blatant and clearly fouls that when they aren’t given it makes you want to go away and check the rulebook just to make sure that you’re not the one who’s gone crazy.

This was bad enough when Celtic were out in front and the Ibrox club was just playing catch-up, but with much of the media and the bookies now installing them as title favourites, you had better believe that this is only going to get worse.

We’re going to see decisions which are going to take our breath away as the full force of Operation: Belgian Waffler swings into overdrive.

The next few months will be difficult enough without that.

All we can do is keep the spotlight on the officials and continue to highlight every one of these rotten, stinking calls.

Whether the Village Idiot likes it or not, this stuff will be discussed in the public forum and it should be, because those incidents weren’t even looked at by VAR last night and so you have to ask yourself what’s really going on … even if you already know the answer, which of course, every one of us already does.

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  • Stewart says:

    If the opposition is happy to let it ride without demanding with a 8 point letter to the governing body’s on explaining why these things arnt being picked up,as there is such a club do it on a regular basis,, and get to choose who referee’s their games,, am sure spfl and sfa will acomadate them in their plite they’ll be only too happy to help,,, aye rite it ain’t gonna change anytime soon

  • Dinger says:

    Var video advantage rangers

  • John Copeland says:

    Is it me ,or is Goldson one of the biggest duds of a player EVER. in football ? I would be saying the very same thing if he was a Celtic player too ,so I’m not being cantankerous here ! He is their weakest link in all situations ,yet leads a charmed life without scrutiny or used to any other team’s tactical advantage , whatsoever . Big Miovski had him in his back pocket at last night’s goal and yet there was no criticism . I ,with my Spinal stenosis would have defended the situation better . The Daily Record’s assessment of him is ‘The Colossus that is Connor Goldson !’Dear ,oh dear ,oh dear …..

  • Chris says:

    If we lose the league this season it won’t be because of officials, it will be down to our board, the managed decline is working a treat. The SFA, Rangers and Celtic are all sharing the same filthy bed HH

    • Sid says:

      It will be down to our board on 2 counts. The managed decline and the silence over cheating referees. They’ve helped them to a minimum 8 points they otherwise wouldn’t have, that’s huge despite our managed decline. This is a big reason I want them gone just as much as the managed decline.

  • Gordon Raeburn says:

    Brendan enlightened Neil Warnock on what to expect last night and it came to fruition. Surprise surprise. The SFA and SPFL are corrupt. There is no other way to describe this. I hope Aberdeen make an official complaint unlike our spineless custodians. I know nothing would happen but this blatant cheating needs called out.

    • Eck sneddon says:

      Never gonna happen went on far too long started with the original team now carried on with the Tribute Act

  • Alexander Munn says:

    Maley in his book made two points which went down badly Sam English could have pulled out of the challenge which killed John Thompson and Rangers start with eight points due to refereeing decisions

  • Jas says:

    I saw, during the first derby of the season, Goldson decide in his own tiny mind that he had been fouled.
    He took it upon himself to grab the ball, place it on the ground in front of him and take this free kick!!!
    I thought I imagined the referee mustve blown for a foul until the commentator said he saw the same as me and the ref hadn’t blown nor signalled a foul!
    The game played on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian says:

    Maybe people with more influence should be asking the question, oh wait our cowardly board won’t either. Not even if we lose the league, as we have a rainy day fund.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    As obvious as night following day yet not a word on Sportscene last night quelle surprise…

    And while I’ll never phone Clyde Superscoreboard to highlight things (I’d end up swearing) I hope either Celtic or Aberdeen supporters do as this blatant cheating has affected both of us big time –

    On another note, I had a nosey on an Aberdeen fans forum called AFC chat then went into AFC & Scottish Football and then The Huns v Aberdeen and looked back from Pages 35 – 25 and my goodness they don’t half detest Sevco and their cohorts like The Village Idiot and Mentalist Miller…

    Jeezo – some of the chat and ill will wished on them and Sevco is really red hot reading and makes Celtic supporters look like little choirboys in comparison –

    There definitely is a sheer hatred of Sevco from The Sheepies for sure and even The King was getting wished the worst by them…

    I think they are hated more than people and ‘peepil’ think and it’s good to see their cheats with whistles, flags and monitors getting called out from plenty fans of other clubs like last night’s opponents !

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Handson (goldson) is back up goalie ,and he uses hands to score as well but mason,s look after their own ,most of village idiots in black including hand selected var team are mason,s so should have learned nby now not just what to expect but what we will get

  • Paul says:

    I thought this for a year or 2 now. Even the rangers fans call him the invisible man ????

  • Dan says:

    Not really sure if it’s all bias or the refs are genuinely frightened to give decisions at Ibrox that may affect a result. Between the baying mob and statements from the club it is very intimidating.

  • Jim says:

    What worries me is we have Dallas on VAR tonight for our game ,will be foaming at the mouth looking for minor discretions to award hibs a penalty.

  • SSMPM says:

    No clubs are complaining about this or even highlighting it to the relevant authorities in the game. It’s barely mentioned and that includes the silence of our board. Perhaps Goldson could be backup to Joe Hart, I’m mean he manages to get at least one hand to most balls in the area. I didn’t hear Warnock complaining about the handball and that for him is unusual as he loves a moan normally.
    Btw big Joe appears to have raised his game again and we should be grateful for that, he’s been badly needed during our recent decline. I hope he’s inspiring those in front him to better things tonight. HH

  • Joe McLaughlin says:

    Blame the VAR for not reviewing that last night. Like Dallas the official (Aitkin I think his name is) only does VAR and like Dallas supports a certain team. After Don Robertson had handed out a red card he was asked by the VAR official to review the action. In other words he wanted the ref to downgrade the red to a yellow, I have yet to see a ref disagree with VAR when asked to review a decision. Well done to D Robertson who stood by his red card despite the blatant attempt to get it taken back by an obviously biased VAR officer who should now be sacked from his post.

  • Shiltrum says:

    Funny how things go we had the scrutiny after the 2-0 game with the handball incident and a request for the Audio of what was said because it was a earlier offside from VAR that said it was offside so the handball was not given to be fair the margin was small but it was the correct decision . Now we have these Conor Goldston handball incidents and there are quite a few of them to be honest . But in all of them the Ball is there to be seen but strangely NOT by VAR .

  • Gerry says:

    James this is not the first time you’ve called this out, but you have to continue with and keep up the narrative for this unbelievable stream of obvious and blatant disregard for the rules carried out by our fair referees,who as we know are beyond reproach.Conor(le Bron)goldson is untouchable.Lets just get our act together and bury this lot starting tonight and let them know that we are the champions despite our boards indifference.Keep up the good work….HH

  • Roonsa says:

    I didn’t think it was a penalty. Soz. He has got away with it before in the past but last night wasn’t one of those occurrences.

    • Bhoy4life says:

      Its a difficult call, but I think the point everyone is making is, that no other teams defender, in their own box, survives that decision playing against Sevco, unless they are already 4 behind, thats just fact, and if one team gets every marginal call, or not so marginal, call for them, that decided titles.
      Its subtle but very effective.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Gregg Aitken on VAR had his head in his hands as he thought the Dons were going to equalise, and he saw nothing.
    In the 1990’s in a game at Firhill a team scored with a rocket shot into the top corner it hit the net so hard it bounced out, a defender knowing it was a goal picked the ball up and threw it back to the goalkeeper. The keeper realising the ref hadn’t blown for the goal kicked the ball up the park and the ref and his other officials just let the game carry on.
    When it comes to Goldson and his arms, the see nothing, say nothing tradition of Scottish referees lives on.

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