Poisonous Pro-Ibrox Hacks Have Rarely Talked So Much Nonsense About Celtic.

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Oh wow. The hacks are really have a ball right now, aren’t they? But how crazy are they making themselves look and sound with the way they are covering our club?

Kenny Miller is having a go at us and banging the drum loudly for Ibrox. Where’s the news here? He thinks we’re “spoiled.” He can take that view as he wants, but it’s hardly a big story. Pro-Ibrox hacks think the worst of us, always, but I love it when they stumble into self-parody, and that’s really all many of them are doing at this moment.

Miller says that Rodgers is attempting to build a “siege mentality.”

What garbage. Where is the evidence of that?

Where is there a single fact to back that up? I certainly see no evidence of it at all. We don’t need to develop a siege mentality at Celtic; when the hacks are trying to drum up talk of a crisis because we’ve drawn one game in the last nine and won the other eight then that demonstrates the need for one without anyone at the club feeding it.

The press is rabid right now. The anti-Celtic sentiment in the coverage is extraordinary. It’s so bad that it makes Miller’s point about the siege mentality all the more ridiculous. It is the press itself which seems determined to create that by going on the constant attack. I mean what else but a siege mentality are you meant to have when you are under siege?

We are absolutely under siege right now. I’ve seen Ibrox go through actual form slumps and not get half of the negative coverage we’re getting.

I’ll give you an example.

Miller was the second of our pro-Ibrox commentariat since Sunday (that I’ve heard) to suggest that because we’ve changed tactics that we’re panicking. This must be the first time in history a manager shook things up by changing the team’s formation, eah? I mean, if this is a sign of panic then half the top coaches in Europe must be panicking on a regular basis.

I have never seen such a fairly routine footballing event covered in the way this one is. Half of these people were demanding Rodgers do something to improve the performances; now that he has, he’s suddenly crumbling under the weight of the pressure?

How many tactical changes have Ibrox bosses made down through the years? Were they panicking? Not according to the media, who thought that made these guys geniuses. It was all “Ibrox Plan B Set To Stun The Champions” and crap like that.

On top of the usual band of freaks, we even had John Brown making the papers yesterday, a man who can’t even speak in complete sentences. He’s growling that the Ibrox club will win the league on goal difference, and has apparently worked it all out.

Yes, John Brown has “worked out” something more complicated than getting into a pair of slip-on shoes. Incredible, isn’t it? Christ almighty.

You really know that we’re witnessing the gathering of the goons when this one is in the media again. Am I the only person that thought his recent absence from the public eye meant he was bumping his plastic gums yelling racist slogans at the telly in a retirement home somewhere? Sadly not, because there he is all over the mainstream press.

We’re going to have to put up with this stuff for a while I think, and it will get worse if the Ibrox club goes top tomorrow night, as appears likely. It is up to us to quiet these people down. It is up to us to make sure that we keep on winning.

We certainly have the talent to do it. Now we’ve got to back it up and come the final day of this season leave these people shattered.

Oh what fun it will be to see that.

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  • Bigbaws says:

    Sevco are bottle merchants. I think Ross County will be winning or drawing the game at ibrox tomorrow before sevco get handled a late penalty

  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    James Bhoy.

    It’s just the world we live in.

    sfa bbc stv Scottish press, var office.

    National company’s Pitt st .. etc….etc

    Wit school did you attend.. Even at the age of 50.

    Nothing New Scottish culture….

  • Michael Mcguiness says:

    James, shame on you for name checking John Brown without giving him his full title, 9 in a row hero John Brown.

    • Jas says:

      Anyone notice last midweek, huns played Tuesday, Sportscene on with highlights, Wednesday Celtic v Hibs, not a peep from BBC Hootsmon.

  • John Copeland says:

    They say that you get the face that you deserve by the age of 50 . Well , John Brown is testament of that …..ideal for radio !

  • Robert Downey says:

    I agree with it 100%.
    But I agree with the last paragraph 1,000%
    Nothing would make me happier than to beat them to the title this season.
    I am pretty sure they are spending money they don’t have again, in the hope they qualify for the Champions league and the new money that will be available.
    I would love to see the ever growing tribe of ex Sevco players with egg on their faces when doing their jobs as pundits.
    Absolutely love it.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Aye… And according to ma nearest shop assistant two Celtic ‘supporters’ ?? went into the said shop yesterday and purchased The Daily Record to read that drivel reported by yourself there that was spoken by John Brown…

    The mind Boggles that they’d do that, but they’re two very nice folks and obviously very much more forgiving but far less principled than I certainly am –

    They’d be the type of folks that would throw a party and invite the thug that beat the living daylights out of their daughter the weekend before in for a reconciliation booze up…

    As for Mental Miller – I’m not sure if it was a rag he was writing that in or if he was spouting that on Clyde Superscoreboard last night but when I heard that they’d wheeled him and his incoherent rambling wreck drivel out for broadcast, I switched off after 120 seconds –

    Which was a shame as the other fella – a guy called Roger Hannet (whoever he actually is) – seemed to talk intelligently for that short time that I listened in…

    That said – It wouldn’t be difficult to sound intelligent if you’re in the same room as Miller –

    That much is certain !

  • Brattbakk says:

    They might go top tomorrow but I doubt it, single goal win at best.

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