The More Celtic Fans Watch The Ibrox Club The Less Concerned We Should Be.

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There are two sides to a title race.

The points you win and the points you drop, and when your team is winning week on week you can almost convince yourself that you will never see another loss.

But every single one of us knows that you will, every single one of us knows that there will be a defeat at some stage like lightning out of a clear sky.

There are times, though, when you watch a team that is winning but it becomes increasingly hard to work out how exactly they are doing it.

There are teams which you watch and their success is almost unfathomable.

They constantly put points on the board and nobody can quite work out how they are doing it. I watched the Ibrox team tonight huff and puff for 70 minutes until they had their second against Ayr, and I wonder to myself what it is we’re so worried about.

They are not a good team. They are not playing brilliant or dazzling football although to hear some of the hacks you’d swear to God that they have to be. The thing is, we’re not looking great and it is this that causes a lot of the anxiety I feel around me on any given matchday these days. Its our form which has us spooked because we’re just not that great right now.

I would urge every Celtic fan concerned about our form to watch just one of their matches. They have become grimly effective at getting over the line, but that’s really all it is.

They don’t look markedly different from the team they were under The Mooch. He, too, was good at getting results against modestly talented sides, but just like here they didn’t look like a team that was going to blow out every opponent or win every game.

When the dropped points and the defeats come, they will certainly not be a surprise. I recognise that the pro-Ibrox hacks need to convince themselves that they’ve made this massive jump in quality but I don’t see it because it just isn’t there.

They are awful to watch. Their direct ball game is dire. Their individual players are nowhere near on the level of ours.

It’s easy to forget when we’re all so focussed on our own form that the opposition isn’t great shakes either. It’s only a few weeks ago that we beat them and they are currently on a run involving all the teams in the bottom half.

Games they’d be expected to win.

The truth of this title race is just as it ever was; when we get our act together things will look different.

Any fan who has convinced his or herself that this is over, watch one of their games and tell me that. Watch their one-dimensional football and tell me they will just keep on winning points and that you are sure of that. Remember; every Ibrox boss is a world beater until he isn’t, and every Ibrox team is going to sweep aside all comers … until they can’t.

If we were even a little bit better, I wouldn’t even be considering the nightmare scenario.

I am definitely more worried about us throwing it away than I am about them winning it … because they continue to be absolutely awful to watch and I wish people would remember that before their panic goes off the deep end.

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  • larsson7 says:

    We Wuillie Shit himself regarding a second yellow for Fabio Silva,he should have been off.whats new……………………………………

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    The more Celtic fans watch Willie Collum the more afraid they should be. He shat it from Siva and Cantwell.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Strange how, accordin tae the DR ‘ Battling Ayr failed tae de-rail rangers’ Scottish cup surge’. So does this obvious unstoppable ‘surge’, apply tae every team that’s reached the last 8, or just rangers ? Cannae help theirselves, can they ?!

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      It’ll no be ‘Rangers’ Kevan as they’re dead and have been since 2012 !

  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    The New Comedy Club would be out the race for the title. “ IF” Proper manager was in charge at Paradise Simple As that.

    This is the easiest league in Scottish history to win
    Celtic under Rodger’s have tossed it away.

    Points absolutely pissed away.

    Massive day tomorrow

  • Jas says:

    I feel exactly the same

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Ja5it doesn’t really matter how poor we think sevco are,they keep getting results by hook or by crook,the latter most likely,but we need to up our game,it’s no good us beating sevco then dropping points against the other spfl teams, sevco can’t beat us this season but they seem to beat all the rest, albeit with a little help from their masonic friends,we can’t afford any more slip ups and I wish BR would change tactics ,style of play to try and overcome these stubborn 10 men behind the ball teams.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Ja5it,was meant to say James,it’s my big pork link fingers.

  • Partick Bhoy says:

    Correct James,its coming.
    Its up to us,not them.We turn up,were gone.Keep the faith.

  • Jimmy says:

    100% right James. Given our resources, proper management would have meant they would be an even more miserable group. We should be riding high with our foot planted firmly on their throats.
    We as a fan base we need to keep the pressure on the board. We cannot keep on accepting mediocrity, We should be much better than what we are and setting high standards. Some of our fans are complaining because other fans are moaning about our current form. Wake up now. Bloggers also have a responsibility. I read Video celts Joe Mchugh writing that Adam Idah is close to being our number one striker. WOW! Utter nonsence. A 3rd choice striker from Norwich scores 2 penalties and everything is ok. Stuff like that madness is part of the reason we have a problem. When is a 3rd choice striker from the championship the standard for our team. Lawell must be greatly satisfied with his performance if you buy into that mindset. I would ask the whole stadium to protest against the board v Kilmarnock and let it be known that we are much bigger than twhat they are satisfied with. The current will continue to be the norm until Desmond along with the Lawell’s get the message.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Hey, I’ll tell you what and you probably WON’T print this but we should be worried because their winning and were not. Your buring your head in the sand because for as bad as they are (which is what your saying) their winning matches and we are not. ILL bet you don’t print this

    • James Forrest says:

      You are a clown mate and I’m happy to print your moronic comment.

      Who is on the longer unbeaten run here?

      Ahem, isn’t that us? And why? BECAUSE WE BEAT THEM.

      Happy now?

  • Timbilly says:

    What you say is true and I would say that the vast majority of Celtic fans know it.
    Any success that sevco have achieved in the past twelve years has been due to our club’s own mistakes and negligence.


    The MIBs & VARmen oan the Sky will continue to make up for SEVCO’s deficiencies on the field of play.
    James, contrary to the expectations of many, the destination of this year’s title may indeed rest on the outcomes of the Glesga Derbies.
    We won’t get many favours in either of these game. Home or Away makes no difference to our incorrigible (sic) Match Officials. Their arrogance and intrinsic bigotry exceed any apprehensions they may feel under the spotlights. They’ll gladly take one for the team in Bloo.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Absolutely spot on ! – As was evident in the injury time in Sevco’s game v Aberdeen…

  • Kevin says:

    You are correct – but either miss or don’t want to admit a crucial aspect of it all. They are not particularly talented TRUE. They aren’t playing particularly well TRUE. But their Euro runs and present points parity with us (despite our having beaten them twice already) is a consequence of something else which is also TRUE. They show more DIG and DETERMINATION. Sometimes the hardest work can pay dividends even against better tools. It is foolish to deny or ignore this. We lack the DIG and DETERMINATION – for the time being anyway. We are underperforming. Don’t think it doesn’t matter.

  • SSMPM says:

    We have too many good players currently out of form but it surely must return along with better finishes and the necessary goals to highlight the gap between us and those of the dross at the midden.
    Tomorrow’s game is bound to be tough but we just have to work hard and get back the form and standards to inspire a transformation in out performances and results. HH

  • SSMPM says:

    Strikes me that we have been treated fairer this year from refs and VAR officials. Important Decisions in matches against the huns and in our favour have gone our way this season and even Andrew Dallas called it right on Wednesday. That was unexpected and I sure last season Dallas wouldn’t have called the ref over.
    I don’t know what’s going on with me but I’d even say although the huns aren’t playing well either they are doing enough to win their matches on merit.
    Maybe there has been a mindset change from Headquarters and then just to wake me back to reality there’s Goldson decisions. Hey ho. HH

  • Bhoy4life says:

    They dont need to be better than us when they have the pattern of assistance.
    In every close game, they get the decisions, we dont, they dont lose the pens, we do, they get the pens, we dont, VAR only seems to break down when its us playing, MiB’s break our play up with petty fouls.
    Thats the difference between winning and losing titles, especially if they are on our coat tails.

  • John Fitzpatrick says:

    Are you factoring in the leg up they always get?

  • Clara says:

    James the difference between them and us is that the establishment won’t let them drop points.
    Aberdeen were cheated in the recent cup final as they were denied two clear cut penalties and look at last week with Goldson’s two hand balls.
    Teams playing against them are punished for the slightest of infringements when even the most clear of their offences are ignored.
    It’s not their football that wins games its the blatant cheating that some at Celtic fin’d funny, he who laughs last and all that.

  • James Archibald says:

    James as I keep it’s not them that I’m scared of but the official’s and other teams I keep saying hearts and killie don’t play the same way against them as they do us but as long as we keep winning we’ll not a lot they can do HH

  • SSMPM says:

    Don’t know if your comment was directed at me John but I’ll make the point anyway. I’m not kidding myself that all in the officiating garden is rosy but I’m calling it as I see it and stats I believe support that in pens given and conceded. I know they give petty fouls to break up play, and the leg up they get particularly in close games, etc, but imo we are getting some decisions in significant points of games that I’m not sure we were getting in previous seasons. C’mon a Hoops

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