The Problems At Celtic Would Be Greatly Lessened If Desmond Showed Rodgers Some Loyalty.

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Regardless of what is being written elsewhere, I do not see Brendan Rodgers “clarification” on his comments on Friday as any such thing.

Nor do I see his namechecking Dermot Desmond as anything significant, except in that Desmond is the only name he has mentioned in praising the Celtic board for the running of the club. “Manager backs his under-fire bosses as he tries to hold a disintegrating situation together.” That’s par for the course, not breaking news.

But you know what would be handy? If Desmond for once opened his mouth on the situation at the club and gave the manager some of the same backing. If he got his face in front of the cameras instead of treating everyone – and I mean everyone – with utter contempt and articulated some kind of vision for the club that it’s widely accepted that he runs.

If he really is Rodgers number one fan, he might be the only one with influence at Celtic Park, because the boss is being undermined by others and you don’t need the skills of a major codebreaker to see that the briefing against him is well underway. Desmond owes him some loyalty, and if he’s not willing to give it maybe we should conclude that he’s a coward. Because real leadership does not involve leaving people twisting in the wind.

Desmond is one of the architects of this mess. It hardly matters whether the board is following his edicts or if certain people at Celtic are running amuck. Desmond could recalibrate the entire operation by snapping his fingers.

One of the problems with having someone like this in the place is that he picks people who will do his bidding without question. I would prefer we had directors who were independently minded and might once in a while tell him when he’s wrong, but a certain type of person doesn’t enjoy that. Yet, it can be an advantage too because he doesn’t need to convince or cajole these jellyfish when he makes a decision, he just has to give them their orders.

So to those of us on the outside looking in, it seems very much that Desmond is in total agreement with starving the manager of funds, of aiming low, of allowing the creep of cronyism and nepotism to take hold at Celtic Park. Rodgers offering some words in praise of the way we are run is hardly a great surprise, since the man clearly knows that division is unhealthy and he wants to at least put on the appearance of things being more calm than they the really must be … but most importantly, Rodgers knows he needs Desmond’s continuing support.

So this wasn’t him offering it. This was him trying to secure it. And Desmond could do this club and its under-fire manager a bloody big favour if he offered it, and a public assurance that he personally gets it, that he recognises that things have gone off the rails and that it isn’t good enough. As I said yesterday, he would not allow this at any other company under his control.

That he allows it here reeks of contempt for us all, but the manager most of all. If he doesn’t back him he’s going to end up having to sack him, and it ultimately won’t be for the mistakes Rodgers has made but because others have, by accident, design or sheer incompetence, been working against him every step of the way.

Genuine leaders do not allow this to happen. We’ll find out if Desmond is one or just another fat-cat billionaire who sees owning a sports team as the ultimate status symbol and an interesting toy to play with. That’s how it looks to a lot of us right now.

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  • king murdy says:

    the prick left lennon wriggling in the wind in the 10IAR season…that was shameful…he will gladly do the same…
    as you say james…utter contempt for all concerned….he’s as much an arrogant bastard as his minions on the board….

  • Bob (original) says:

    Perhaps the unacceptable behaviours we see at CFC plc;

    – the non-existent recruitment processes,

    – nepotism and cronyism,

    – the disregard / lack of information provided to major stakeholders, [i.e. us]

    – the veil of mystery around the operations of the business


    happens at CFC, simply because DD / PL know they can get away with these

    unacceptable behaviours?

    In a ‘normal’ plc there are strict procedures around recruitment, and around

    employing existing staff’s family members.

    If someone, say, was furious about ML being given Head of Recruitment

    would they make a formal complaint? Would they possibly take CFC plc

    to an employment tribunal for e.g. constructive dismissal?

    I’m guessing that there are high levels of loyalty amongst staff at CFC,

    and rocking the boat could be regarded as being ‘not in the best interests

    of the club’ – even if it is!

    There must be a fair few disgruntled, annoyed staff at CFC,

    but who don’t want to harm their relationship with the club?

    If you work under those conditions, it can’t be a happy workplace?

    DD and PL are maybe exploiting this situation, despite being a plc?

    And, imo, I would trust DD as far as I could throw him.

    He’s not a billionaire for being nice, considerate and fair?

    He knows better than anyone that investing in a more succesfull CFC in Europe

    should translate into significant growth for the club and the global brand.

    Why would you not take a calculated risk to invest in upgraded players?

    Why would you prefer to build a cash pile instead?

    [PL’s reason that it’s a cash buffer to non-CL qualification is disingenuous, imo.]

    Wouldn’t be surpised at all – based on no proof at all –

    if DD punts his shares in the medium term.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    The whole lot of them are to blame for the current fiasco…

    DESMOND = a million miles away from it all – and I’m surprised that he’s watching an alleged £60 million bounty slipping away…

    SONNY LAWWELL = a quite simply utterly useless and incompetent person at his job that seems to still be there wasting millions of pounds on utter dross…

    DADDY LAWWELL = a bad smell around the Parkhead and who trouble seems to follow when it comes to managers and especially Rodgers…

    NICHOLSON = an invisible man that really should be addressing the Celtic support who pay his handsome wages a helluva lot more than the never that he has…

    RODGERS = a one trick pony manager when it comes to tactics whose now been found out in Scottish Football and there’s a good chance that we are going to be paying a helluva high price for that said found out problem…

    How in the hell did it come to this – but they are all to blame !

  • Tony B says:

    Papa Lawwell has jeopardised our club for his own self interest.

    Celtic supporter? Aye right.

    When it comes down to Celtic or him, he and his will always come first.

    Whether we win the title this year or not, he cannot remain at the club in ANY capacity.

    And that goes for his son and any other hangers on appointed by this fraud.

  • Andy Boy 67 says:

    The whole problem with Celtic is why is Desmond calling all the shots without a controlling interest.He has filled the board with his placemen who turn to him before they make any major decision.The board did not want Rodger’s but did not have the ball’s to go against Desmond, it look’s like Liewell and co are trying to make Rodger’s walk to the detriment of the team, this cannot continue something must change.

  • Malcolm McDonald says:

    So spot on again James, Does DD really support Rodgers or is it because he is Irish and thinks all us supporters will follow everything Rodgers says. Rodgers needs to grow a pair and tell us exactly what DD said about the last two very very disappointing windows It’s ok paying out big bonus to people who earn it but we need to start buying REAL quality.. Big Ange would have walked if he did not get what he wanted. No Doubt about that . YNWA Remember we will always be here not like them

  • Eoin Baillie says:

    Exactly what percentage of Dermont Desmond ‘s vast wealth is dependent on Celtic’s success ? This is his hobby toy , yes he has an affinity but no more than that . What exactly do Celtic fans want , champions league winning capabilities , or beat all that comes before us in Scotland ? We know the demographics , so do we lower our sights or just keep plodding along ? 1967 was a long time ago, times and t.v. rights have shown us our level.

  • Jim says:

    Well, let’s see if he supports Rodgers now. He was the one who convinced him to come and sent his Deputies to go and finalise the deal and convince him to cut short his break from Football.
    So, HE was the one who selected and chased him.
    He needs to Publicly get behind HIS man.
    No one can say that Rodgers had been backed properly during both transfer windows.
    It will be telling if DD remains silent. But here again, he seems to have been quite content to see Celtic become a European Laughing Stock over the last Decade or so.
    It’s the lack of communication that’s shocking.
    Someone needs to be dragged out of That Boardroom and explain why with Capital Reserves of £70 M, we brought in a Loan playet with no option to buy snd one other ‘ prospect’ for a Net spend of £1M ??
    Especially as BR has been begging for experience.
    Speak to us!!!!!!!

  • Gerry says:

    As I’ve said before, and countless others will agree with, if DD sees Celtic, as merely a plaything, rather than a serious investment, ( which includes complete backing of a manager, who asserts he has a strong relationship with,) then he should sell his investment!
    This would allow people to buy into our club, and take it forward, positively!
    Celtic fans are loyal, and will forgive bad results and losing, as that’s part of football…( and huge part of our history,) but they can’t forgive lack of investment and forward thinking, when in a position of complete strength!!! Or seeing people, holding positions of trust and control at our club, allowing our club to stagnate and stand still !
    If DD has any interest in Celtic, bar financial gain, then let us all see it!

  • Timbilly says:

    DD is not the owner.

  • bob says:

    If Celtic fans want to know who the hidden enemies of our club really are, who the actual charlatans operating in the shadows are, the real Keyser Sozes slowly destroying our club from within, all they have to do is look in the mirror, for it’s the Celtic supporters who are to blame.

    You all know what needs to be done in order to remove these people, putting the ‘Happy Clappers’ aside. Regardless of whether we win the league this year, mobilize, refuse to renew your season tickets, give up your seats, do not buy any merchandise! Starve the board of the only oxygen they have: YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH. Refuse to take your seats, stay outside, and protest. But we all know (the board knows) that as a fan base, you don’t have the courage nor the stomach for the fight. Next year, the board will do what they always do, knowing the loyal lapdogs that you are. They will buy the Celtic support off with one or two decent signings and it’s back to business as usual.

    So, go back to your online forums where you have become notorious for your whinging, whining, and moaning. You will huff and you will puff, but when it comes to standing up to the board, the Celtic fan base always backs down and runs away, like the cowards that they are, hiding behind your slogans of ‘Faithfully Blind Through and Through,’ to justify the cowardly acts of retreat and surrender.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Celtic Supporters might be And probably are a lot of things Bob (we are a broad church after all) but loyal lapdogs certainly ain’t one…

      Faithful lapdogs – Absolutely and to a fault at that –

      But loyal – I don’t think even the few Celtic fanatics that I know who are in The Masonic Lodge would like that word (loyal) !!!

    • Jim Duffy says:

      I think you’re right bob ,it will take harsh ,cold unedifying tactics to oust that shower of rich greedy pompous rats on the board,I think mere banners ,flags emails ,demos outside won’t be enough,you have to cut there money nothing else will do,I still think an organised walk out during a televised game would give the board a jolt but as you say 2 or 3 wins later and all is good,and the” faithful through and through ” will cough up on STs and merchandise.

  • Roogler says:

    This “Bored of Directors” will be hoping that dissent dies away with a few wins, but the real supporters should keep on with protests.
    In any other business you would see the likes of Lawwell & Son kicked out for their total incompetence,so you can only assume, in the absence of any comment from DD that he is totally happy with the club administration doing their best to gift millions to the tribute act across the river. The time may shortly come for more robust protest – withholding season ticket money, etc but for now the support of the team and indeed the manager is a must. We should win in spite of the BOD certainly not because of them

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Roogler ,the problem is if we win the league IF we win this year we’ll still have a board who won’t sanction any spending to get better quality players in, we’ll be in Europe again get horses even worse than last season where remember it was supposedly one of the easier groups to get out of,so yes the board will get all the CL money hoard it , we’ll make an arse of ourselves in Europe again and so round and round we go.we basically can’t win here.

  • Daniel Curley says:

    Agree with article and all the fans can do is too protest before and after every game regardless if we win as this lack of proper investment in the team is an insult to the fans and they are being treated with total disrespect by the clowns sorry board members who just see£s and dividends

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I think you’re right bob ,it will take harsh ,cold unedifying tactics to oust that shower of rich greedy pompous rats on the board,I think mere banners ,flags emails ,demos outside won’t be enough,you have to cut there money nothing else will do,I still think an organised walk out during a televised game would give the board a jolt but as you say 2 or 3 wins later and all is good,and the” faithful through and through ” will cough up on STs and merchandise.

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