The Village Idiot’s Raging Anti-Celtic Bitterness Was On Full Display Last Night.

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Last night I wrote about the madness and the meltdown over on the Ibrox fan forums, which were fulminating over the decisions we got in the game. Every one of those decisions, by the way, has been scrutinised by ex refs and experts and pundits and every one of them has been praised. They actually have very little to complain about here.

They are bonkers over on those forums, and a lot worse than bonkers at times. Dangerously out there. But you are supposed to get something different from the actual commentariat. They are supposed to at least pretend to be objective. Listen to Kenny Miller on any given day to see how that’s been going lately. He doesn’t even try anymore.

Worse, of course, is the Village Idiot and he was so bad, he lost the plot so much and sounded so unprofessional last night that even his co-commentator, James McFadden, accused him of “clutching at straws” for trying to push the narrative that Hibs should have had a penalty when Martin Boyle went down. He is barking. That was one of the worst pieces of acting I’ve seen since my first time watching The Room. Submarine commanders don’t dive like that.

He wasn’t just clutching at straws, he was again showing off how unprofessional he is, he was demonstrating his inability to sit there and speak about the game in a clear and coherent manner without starting to foam at the mouth whenever he’s got to talk about a decision that involves Celtic.

It’s not even as if he’s entertaining to watch when he goes off the deep end like this, he just sounds like a petulant child repeating the same lines over and over again as though saying something often enough will get everybody to agree with it.

It’s a drag watching this guy, but there are times when his frustration does go off the charts and leads to him being briefly hilarious.

Someone told me a few months ago that he has some kind of mate with connections at Sky and that’s how he got his gig; he is one of the worst and most irritating people on television though and Sky Scotland producers should be sweating everyone around them to find out how in God’s name he ever got there.

As our form has hit the wall of late, he’s been sitting with a smirk on his face that makes the before and after shows unwatchable for me, and I usually have no problem with criticism when we’re not playing well because it is generally deserved. But our fans shouldn’t have to look at someone so hateful that he looks like he wants to burst into The Sash.

It’s only on nights like last night when I can stand to even look at him, because you know that a very different emotion will be written all over his face, and it was. The smirk was gone. That scowl replaced it, and the anger could not help breaking through.

When he was actually asked to give his view, his comments were so ridiculous everyone in the studio must have been rolling their eyes or groaning inwardly.

McFadden said what the rest were surely thinking.

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  • Bunter says:

    It’s so systematic of the Scottish TV and media world that this guy gets to be the Sky ‘anchor’ on Sky and especially on Celtic games. It’s an absolute farce. He should be removed by Sky Scotland for his unprofessional approach to comment. If he can’t offer unbiased opinion on games he should be gone. After all, that’s the gig.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Anyone who buys a drink in a pub is contributing to his wages that is the most sickening fact .bombard viewer at sky e mail about this imposter

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Just glad that I don’t pay his wages…

    I’ve been offered a device called a firestick –

    Does that money go filter his way to the likes of Boyd…

    I’m not technically minded but wouldn’t like to think that cash would filter it’s way to him –

    But it’d be worth it to see his misery when Sevco lose or Celtic win like last night !

    Even Mental Miller said on Sportscene that it was two ‘definate’ Penalties…

    Even if his face looked like that emogee thingway or someone whose bloody family had been wiped out !

  • Magua says:

    Lady Cantwell would have been proud of that Boyle dive.

    Hail Hail.

  • Thomas black (tambhoy50) says:

    James you’re correct to a point the idiot is a bigot always has and always will .the reason he got the job with sky is his auld mans pal is high up in sky and is one of them Miller just talks schist constantly him and boyd don’t have a brain between them all they have is bigotry hatered of anything celtic

  • Seosaimh says:

    Keep him on, love watching his hurting face

  • Guillermo Mac says:

    The gibbering galoot is so biased in favour of the latest Ibrox club that his opinions are invalid.
    Surely Sky can find an ex player or coach who can construct an intelligible sentence. It is excruciating to watch that ‘pause button’ face of his as he searches for the words to finish what he is trying to say.

  • sligo123456 says:

    I refuse to listen to these *****. Celtic tv for me when these zombie clowns are on the panel. Beggars believe how these channels manage to get away with it. Then again Scotland is and always has been a protestant country!

  • Jim says:

    I personally think sky should look at the facts that Boyd is anything but impartial, they might think that’s a good thing given that viewers will tune in due to comments made regarding this .

    Personally someone like him with limited knowledge and consistent digs at celtic is doing sky no favours at all .

    Shock jock’s have limited appeal before sensible people decide not to bother as they see sky’s intolerance to reprimand him regarding being a rangers cheerleader is turning fans away from viewing due to his one sided bias .

    I personally don’t understand that someone with his limited capabilities is allowed on TV never mind a sports channel,

    Chris Boyd is as bright as a blackout.

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