Who Starts For Celtic Tonight? That May Be A Tough Call For The Manager To Make.

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The game tonight is critical. At full time there will be ten games left, and the next one is away at Hearts. Ibrox looms before the end of March. We need a win here and if it’s a statement win then all the better. It’s high time we started putting some of those on the boards. I know people will settle for us scraping over the line in every game … but we’re overdue a big one.

Who is the manager going to go with tonight? Do you start Kyogo up front or acknowledge the role played by Idah and start him? Do you start both of them, with this being a home game, and sacrifice Iwata in the middle of the pitch? Do you play Scales or Welsh alongside Carter Vickers? And who do you start out wide? We have options … but who are our best?

I think the manager may be tempted to go with Idah up front on his own. I think with the big open spaces of Celtic Park he may go with Kuhn out on the right. The midfield three will be interesting; Iwata certainly did enough to justify his place and I think we might get a surprise. I can see him considering benching O’Riley this evening, in part not to risk him for the weekend but also because it is time. Because O’Riley isn’t at his best right now.

The reason I’d go with Kuhn is that this is the perfect place to give him a proper outing so that we can see how he does with room to run. Fair to see that he needs a big performance as much as this team does, and the manager might be tempted by the same idea.

The back line picks itself … or it would have done had Scales not had a bit of a nightmare last weekend. I wondered at the time why it was Nawrocki who was withdrawn and not him; now we know that Nawrocki picked up a knock, which keeps him out tonight. So maybe it’s time to see how Welsh and Carter Vickers get on instead?

Whatever the team is, tonight is all about three points first and foremost, but it would be great to see us run up a cricket score and send a message to the rest of this league. The Ibrox club is at Kilmarnock, but we can’t worry about what happens there either way. We just need to put points on the board and what will be will be elsewhere.

That’s all tonight is about. All about Celtic. We need the victory.

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  • Brattbakk says:

    Taylor, Scales, CCV, AJ
    CalMac, O’Riley, Kyogo
    Palma, Idah, Maeda

    That’s my guess, Yang, Oh and Forrest coming off the bench

  • Brattbakk says:

    Plus Sevco will get beat

  • John L says:

    I would like to think that McInnes has more of a backbone than Naismith , a bit more pride, but as per usual, it’s all about us.

    So a performance as well as a result would be more than welcome. Hail Hail

  • Michael Clark says:

    Your absolutely right, we can’t start worrying about other results when were struggling with our own. I wouldn’t argue with playing Idah up front either because he gave Celtic an arial threat against Motherwell on Sunday but this is worrying because Kyogo Furuhashi has looked a shadow of his former self which is down to the way Rogers sets his team up. You mentioned O’Riely also off the boil again this is down to the managers set up. We have 10 games to go and he needs to change something because Celtic will never manage to huff and puff over the line like this. If Rogers is the manager were made to believe he is then he must know he has to change the way is team address the remaing games

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    3-0 after 25% of the game…

    Keep that up and it’ll be 12-0…

    Surpassing Celtic’s record win of 11-0…

    Ironically v Bonnie Dundee !!!

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