Badgegate Reveals What Celtic Fans Already Know: Ibrox Has Utter Contempt For Everyone.

Image for Badgegate Reveals What Celtic Fans Already Know: Ibrox Has Utter Contempt For Everyone.

The “big” story doing the rounds on the forum of the club across the city is the one some people are calling Badgegate. It’s a small thing on the surface of it; the Ibrox women’s team was playing a match at Tynecastle at the weekend and someone defaced the home team dressing room by putting an Ibrox crest over the Hearts one. Like I said, a small matter.

But there’s a much larger issue under the surface level, and whether or not this was the SPFL who allowed this (or even did it), Ibrox has basically refused to discuss it with Hearts, they’ve acted with complete disdain for their views and what this whole affair reveals is something that comes as no shock to a single Celtic fan; the colossal level of disrespect the Ibrox club has for every other team in this country. Disrespect verging on utter contempt.

Theirs is the club that thought nothing of jeopardizing the game’s commercial contracts simply to pursue a vendetta against the SPFL executive committee.

The money on offer for that might not matter a damn to them, but it does to other clubs.

I might not rate the people at the top of the “governing body” but Ibrox was perfectly happy to place the rest of the clubs in harms way if it meant getting a clean shot at them, and that’s disgusting behaviour, that’s genuinely nasty, and the clubs should have demanded that they be punished for that, but of course they weren’t. It’s no wonder they believe they can act as they like.

So yeah, it’s a small thing but its symptomatic of the wider problem, which is that Ibrox doesn’t have the least regard for convention, no interest in even the basic common courtesies and will walk all over anyone who allows it.

Hearts, at least, don’t seem prepared to do that and I don’t believe that their reaction is OTT or anything like it, they recognise this for what it is. It is not before time.

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  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Are they complaining because there wasn’t one in the away dressing room too, James? Personally I find it hard to tell them apart.

  • Charlie McGuire says:

    Toxic football club

  • Eamonn Little says:

    The supremacist state of mind hasnt gone away you know.

  • John Copeland says:

    It’s still the same as it ever was … isn’t t it ? I’m surprised no one brought out a ladder and covered the Hearts crest way up on the facade of the outside stand with a Union Jack flag ? This will be another soft soap attitude from the SMSM and other platforms …a bit of ‘ banter ‘ on The Rangers ‘ glory day ? A let’s ‘celebrate the occasion to the max ‘ type of coverage . Is there a ladies version of the billy boys ? Hullo hullo ..we are the billy girls ….

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      If they covered The Hearts Crest on the facade John a couple of Jambos would’ve probably ran out the nearest pub to aid them…

      These Hearts fans are very fond of that flag of evil that is The Butchers Apron John…

      Every Celtic v Hearts game at Parkhead that I used to go to back in the day they always had a few of them in the visiting corner so The did –

      Tories – Labour – Liberal Democrat – BNP – (That must be The Scumbos political preference then)…

      Thank Fcuk that flag ain’t welcome in our Parkhead Paradise !!!!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I’d say that 30-35 years ago that outta Celtic and Rangers (as they were rightly known as back then) that for some reason The Hoops were the most disliked outta the two by fans of other teams in Scotland (probably because of Scotland and it’s Calvinistic ways back then)…

    I’d also have said that in England back then we were far more loved (testimonial demands for Celtic and her support proved that beyond doubt back then) and they were truly detested for utterly destroying and wrecking every single town that they visited back then –

    But now both sides of these coins have flipped totally I’d say…

    There are plenty of non Celtic and non Sevco fans around here and without doubt they (Sevco) are the more hated of the two – I’d say a combination of the survival lie, their utter arrogance within that survival lie, their hatred of all things Scottish, their spike in loving extremism within their Butchers Apron etc have all combined to see them far more hated than Celtic by fans of other clubs all over Scotland…

    However in England it’s now very different for sure – I’m down there a lot and apart from Manchester where they are detested I get asked ‘who d’ya support Celtic or Rangers ‘ (their word and not mine by the way) and I’m open and say Celtic but have had shall we say a frosty reception on that admission and been told that Sevco (my description, not theirs) are a far better ‘british’ club and do a lot for ‘the forces’ (aye like rob them of vital equipment through tax fraud says me) – But regardless, their Butchers Apron Jignostic jargon seems to be paying them dividends down there somehow, but it ain’t working so well in Bonnie (??) Scotland for them for sure with fans of other clubs anyway !

    • Allan Loveman says:

      I live here ,they are fkin hated in England ,only right wing gammons follow them …

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        I found that they were hated in Manchester Allan (for obvious reasons)…

        They are disliked in Huddersfield (possibly because there is a bid St. Patrick’s Parade there and not one copper to be seen)…

        Barnsley didn’t seem one way or the other for or against…

        But by Fuck – They seemed loved in Rotherham and Sheffield and Dewsbury and bits of Leeds as well !

        The places that hate / dislike them are probably intelligent enough to know that they’re false and they defrauded the ‘forces’ that they profess to love so much through tax evasion to fund their working capital to cheat and defraud their other fellow 41 competitors in Scottish Football on an industrial scale…

        The vote to relegate them (Rangers) out of The Scottish Game told a million stories so it did…

        Shame on the tiny percentage that abstained or voted for them at the time !

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    If Sevco are so wound up and het up about ‘prankish’ behaviour as they were when Leigh Griffiths tied a Celtic scarf to an old lump of wood (The goalpost at Liebrox) then why the fcuk are they ‘doing what they want’ and certainly not practicing what they preach at other stadia of other clubs then…

    How very ironic indeed and hypocrisy by the JCB bucket load far less the spades –

    Why have Hearts brought Patrick Thistle into this by mentioning ‘both clubs’ ?
    What exactly have they done to merit that in the statement from The Scumbos of Swinecastle…

    Also Why mention a great cup final ?
    They certainly weren’t playing in it or won it from what I hear from Celtic forums…

    Everything in this statement is to appease Sevco as every fucker in this rancid bloody football country must do, from Hearts, to The Scummy Scottish Football Media, to The Polis, to The SFA, to The SPFL, to The Holyrood Government, to The Scottish Banks, to The Dogs in the streets and The Fish in the lochs as well no doubt…

    Snowflakes and Melluable Melts the blood lot of them – And Celtic are at the top of the pile of them !

  • Len mcmillan says:

    We all know hearts are rangers,only with a cheaper ticket 5.0nil tells you all you need to know leave the sign where it is after all its the truth for once

  • William Melvin says:

    Anyone care to explain to me what a George Michael Paper is ?
    This is a sure sign l stayed South of the border too long !

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