Carter Vickers May Not Have The Armband, But What A Leader Of Celtic He’s Become.

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One of the best early episodes of The West Wing brought to public consciousness an important concept, and one I’ve never forgotten; Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

After it, therefore because of it.

It is an example of logical fallacy, and you don’t have to look around to see examples of it in the world. As Jed Bartlett tells his staff, it’s very rarely true.

Apply it to the team’s return to form. What do you see? Cameron Carter Vickers back in the Hoops and suddenly we look like the Real Deal again.

I spoke to some people yesterday who were adamant that it’s the big man’s return which has stoked the fire in the bellies of the team once more.

I’m not convinced. One thing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other, but we look better with him in the side and there’s no question about it.

Then, last night, as if to taunt me further with the possibility, he came out swinging with a rousing statement and a demand that the rest of the team up its game further and win the rest of our games. Amazing. And exactly what you want to see in your club.

I remember reading Brian Clough’s first autobiography some years back, and there was a story in there about how his team were on the way to Wembley and he turned to Peter Taylor and told him that he knew they’d win that day because his team was full of leaders, a whole squad of them, people who would not allow anyone to fall below their standards and who if they saw a team-mate slacking off, they would push them hard.

We’ve got a handful of leaders in this team, but their impact is critical. Hart, McGregor and Carter Vickers are the most obvious and although we all know we have to replace Hart in goal next season his big personality and presence in the dressing room might be a bigger loss by far.

Hopefully this is something the manager has prioritised; we need more of these guys because they lift the whole club. Carter Vickers is not just a great player. He’s a warrior.

His qualities as a player are obvious.

His qualities as a man shine through in times like these.

I think his presence in the team calms everyone down, not just at the back. He exudes confidence. The whole performance at Motherwell up-ticked the moment he was on the pitch, and his ability to move forward with the ball at his feet definitely helped us win.

Getting the opener against Dundee was another sign of how much he brings us, and so whilst I think it is a stretch to say that his return is where the corner has been turned, I cannot argue at all with those who think that he will be critical in the run-in and without him our chances of winning this title would be greatly lessened.

I was delighted with his comments last night. I hope they’ve had the same impact on the rest of the team as they’ve had on the fans I spoke to about it.

He might not have the armband but a team like this needs more than one leader and by God, he fits the bill.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    If he’s the one man band that leads Celtic to the title of SPFL Premier League Champions 2023/24 then that’ll do for me…

    Everything else can be addressed in the summer –

    But probably won’t be !

  • Gerry says:

    He may not be the ‘sole,’ reason for a return to more confidence on the park, but for me, he’s the rock on which our title will be retained.

    We know he’s struggled for consistent injury free performances, and has been curtailed ( as has our team,) several times this season!

    The big man is a colossus and reads the game so well. You only have to read his fellow pro’s glowing references about facing him. He came on v Well on Sunday, and steadied our ship. Everyone’s seminal moment in that game was the intro of Idah, but CCV’s appearance was equally important.

    Scales gets bullied in games …CCV bullies others !
    He also allows CalMac and O’Riley to play slightly further up the park, rather than having to drop so deep and allow the opposition to re-form quicker. ( I was a Starfelt fan also and his presence has been missed !)

    It’s vital we keep the big man fit and fresh, and allied to the other experienced players staying fit, with the return of Hatate, we shall retain this title !

  • Roonsa says:

    Nice and uplifting article. But it makes me think what could have been if Brendan got the transfer window that he wanted.

  • Michael Collins says:

    Well said Roonsa, you have got the spot on.

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