Celtic Were Quite Right To Resist The International Call Up Of Our Injured Winger.

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The news today that Celtic has successful resisted the attempts, by the Honduran national team, to take Luis Palma to their latest series of fixtures is obviously positive. It doesn’t get him back to fitness, but it at least prevents him succumbing to a worse injury.

It never ceases to amaze me how, in this day and age, so many national teams are willing to be cavalier and reckless with the health and fitness of club players. There have been several cases of our players going off to play international games, half fit, and coming back with long term lay-offs and the club must be thoroughly pissed off with it.

At the sharp end of a season the last thing we can afford is to have our players go off to play matches which mean nothing to our club but which could jeopardise the campaign. We’ve already made our own lives difficult with injuries. We need more of that like a hole in the head.

That’s why the club has put its foot down. I mean, it’s not even clear how much of an impact Palma will have in the team in what’s left of the season, but we certainly can’t afford to be another player down and their decision to call him up was obviously a risk to him and to the club.

Palma hasn’t been brilliant for us of late, and whilst it might have been good to see him go off and get game time and possibly his confidence back up again we’ve done the right thing in keeping him at Celtic Park whilst we monitor his situation.

I am never a big fan of international breaks. This one should give us a chance to get a couple of players back to fitness and to give others a well needed rest.

This one might be coming at a good time. The only thing that could have ruined that was taking a silly risk like this, and that the club hasn’t been willing to makes me think that at least somebody – Rodgers most probably – is thinking strategically for once.

On the other side of this international break is Livingston and Ibrox, and we pretty much need to win both of them. No more taking silly chances, Celtic. If this is a symptom of that thinking then it’s definitely all to the good.

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