Clownish Hack Proved Spectacularly Wrong On Celtic’s Captain As Scotland Flop Again.

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Tam McManus, eah? What is it with this guy right now?

Does he enjoy making himself look foolish, or what?

This week he was at it again talking trash about Callum McGregor and making the silly prediction that our captain might find it hard to get back into the Scotland team, because the midfield was so brilliant against the Dutch the other night.

They lost that game 4-0 though, so I do wonder what on Earth he was talking about.

Last night, in a weird game at Hampden, Scotland lost 1-0 to the North of Ireland team. It was an awful game, an eyeball bleeder. The whole team flopped badly.

The whole affair had an odd edge to it. In the aftermath the victorious Irish boss praised his fans for coming in such numbers. As my brother-in-law pointed out to me, many of them travelled from as far away as Larkhall. They were there on social media last night, Ibrox fans moaning about the “national anthem” getting booed.

It’s one Hell of an identity crisis this lot have.

But It was McManus I thought of watching that terrible, dreary display. His assertion that McGregor would face a challenge to get into this team is not just obviously barmy but it comes from what I’ve talked about before; The Cringe. It’s this view that players based in England must obviously be better than those who are up here in Scotland … it’s not true.

McGregor is a better footballer than any of the players in that midfield, and that the others play in the EPL makes not one bit of difference to that fact.

McGregor is Scotland’s best player.

McManus has watched him enough to know that. Whatever poison is brimming in his veins at a moment such as this, it’s as if he can’t help but let it out.

I’ll tell you what McManus should have focussed on instead; the mystery as to how Ibrox ever got so much money for Nathan Patterson, who had the worst night of any player on the pitch and sold the goal and was as awful as I’ve seen him … and I’ve seen him enough that I’ve set a relatively low bar where that is concerned. He’s just not worth that kind of cash.

If Aaron Hickey is fit, if Tierney is there and willing to play right back, it might be Patterson that ends up having the uphill fight to get into the team.

McManus really is a blowhard, and those fringe outlets he appears on sum him up. When even The Village Idiot has a regular TV gig and a newspaper column what does that say about his skillset? Nothing good. He tries hard though.

He makes it onto the pages of this blog because he never stops trying to drum up controversy. But it’s idiocy he expresses instead.

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  • Pan says:

    Why do you give him oxygen?

  • john mc guire says:

    Tam is another talkin arse piece .

  • Joemartin says:

    With or without Callum that whole midfield and the rest have not won a game in 7 attempts . What will the Germans do to us on opening day , I dread .

  • Tony B says:

    Crappy footballer and even crappier pundit.

    Err. That’s it.

  • Martin says:

    Patterson may well struggle to get games, but that’s mainly due to Hickey. I don’t really think too much about friendlies. They’re an odd beast and more about fitness and trying new things than they are about quality. Under Clarke, Scotland has a dreadful record in them. But the competitive games tend to be different.

    Absolutely everything you say in this article is true (though I rate McGinn above McGregor), but also what we saw last night means very little.

  • Roonsa says:

    I do wonder why people should be surprised at Scottish football fans booing a song that contains the words:

    And with a mighty rush
    Rebellious Scots to crush

    And huns wearing a green football top? They are definitely a mixed up lot.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    even that wee rat Naismith was talking about how McGregor missing made the difference with his ability to open up deference’s and control games. And your right about Patterson. He should have been hooked long before halftime.

  • Jimmy says:

    Who cares about Tam Mcmaus.
    I have given you plenty of credit over the years but I am left wondering who your target audience is now James.The ramblings of the I am really offended woke comment section is too much. I find it very depressing. I honestly can go on a downer with many of the comments. It’s now a competition with some of them in a rush to get up early and be offended. Clachnacudfin and his rantings bring the tone of the section down as others do. I would strongly suggest that if you are offended by Tam Mcmaus Hugh Keevins their like then that is upon you. 99.999.8% couldn’t give a shit.
    I watched earlier a documentary on match fixing in Turkey. Terrorist organisations were involved with some of those found guilty jailed for life. Referees were attacked with chairman of the clubs sometimes the attacker. Incredible stuff. Something to get excited about for sure. That is real drama.
    Another thing well worth watching. Celtic exchange podcast with Hugh Keevins. Great watch with Hugh giving a great account of how things were then. I would suggest watching it but there is no point because it’s too positive to get a comment on here.
    Tam Mcmaus Hugh Keevins Neale Mccann some guy from the Scotsman that I haven’t heard of. Who is going to offend you guys next, the guy from Blue Peter.
    People on here complaining about these people. It’s embarrassing. Not for me any longer. I want to be upbeat but reading anything positive on here is very rare.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Jimmy my friend…

      You Sir are the establishment cabal’s dreams all come true in their finest wishes –
      James is VERY VERY CORRECT to highlight the lies and negative innuendo that is bestowed upon Celtic on a daily and even hourly basis by The Scummy Scottish Football Media…

      I mean if I slander your ‘Scotland Supporting Family’ by way of labelling the female side of it as whores and women of the night and the males as serial drug dealers in their communities are you just gonna sit there like a wee snowflake and accept that when evidently it’s not the case !
      Perhaps you would do – But I’d like to alternatively think you’d be apoplectic with rage – and rightly so indeed !

      Listen – If Rodgers and ‘his’ players lose this league to Sevco then every single member both male, female and anything else in between will have my absolute blessing to go open season with criticism of all at Celtic FC just as they did in 2020/21 and rightly so…

      But they definitely need held to account as things stand and Thank God for bloggers like James for highlighting it to folks like me that proudly and honourably won’t spend a single red cent on the trash rags…

      And Thank God also to the good guys like maself and the majority on here for giving it big time to The Scummy Scottish Football Media and The equally Scummy SFA / SPFL and their bent and corrupt cheats with whistles, flags and monitors on a daily basis !

      Keep it up Bhoys and Ghirls where and when it’s needed please !!!

      • Jim Duffy says:

        Well said Clachnacuddin,the SFA are totally corrupt and totally understand the spell of ipox and sevco,and our useless spineless board are no help whatsoever because the SFA and sevco have got them by baws over the 5 way scam agreement.

      • Jimmy says:

        A balanced comment Clachnacuddin a written well. No need to rant
        Your comments on Scotland act only to divide and will always trigger me. If you can’t see that then that’s on youl

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Who the hell is this guy ? – I’ve simply never heard of him to be honest…

    There was certainly some beautiful action on the occasion though –

    The booing of God save the Queen was ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT INDEED…

    One might even say it was majestic –

    Take a bow The Tartan Army for that performance alone…

    And anyway – Why the Hell is a team from The Island of Ireland using God save the Queen as it’s national anthem…

    Ireland don’t do it at the Rugby, so why the football ?

    C’mon Sinn Fein – Put a stop to this farce of an anthem for a team in Green and White…

    Once again – Well done The Tartan Army…

    We are very proud of the excellent booing of that gruesome anthem last night !!!

  • Brattbakk says:

    That was the worst I’ve seen Patterson play since the game against the Dutch. I said at halftime against Holland that I thought it was going ok apart from Patterson who might as well have a Holland top on. Over the two games he probably passed to the opposition more times than to a team mate. Scotland will be fine with our best players on the pitch. Overall I’m just glad the meaningless nonsense of international friendlies is nearly out the way.

  • Timbilly says:

    It’s all in the name McmANUS.

  • Nickybhoy says:

    Nathan Patterson is the worst footballer ever to play for Scotland but listening to the BBC commentators you would have thought he was a world beater.
    The Scottish team is starting to imitate BBC Sportscene – blue tinted specs is fine.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye we had the whole ‘rule brittania’ songbook pulled out last night, along wi Kieran Tierney bein booed every time he touched the ball. Nae doubt Calmac would’ve had the same treatment. Pathetic stuff. Does make ye wonder, how many were from NI and how many from SW Scotland.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Careful now Micheal M…

    Slagging Scotland and The SFA / SPFL will have The Forelock Tugger ‘Jimmy’ on your case the day before tomorrow !!!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Micheal M… I happen to think that your post of March 27 2024 at 11.46 is one of the best of the day…

    I agree with it 1 million percent far less 100 percent –

    More power to your keyboard buddy !

  • SSMPM says:

    Patterson is absolute pish and I’d sooner see Tony Ralston at RB though as I’ve said before I’ve no time to waste on this SFA Scotland team.
    I know many of you out there love this country, your place of birth, and thus give your support to the national team but if you’re at all able to take a step back and look in you’ll see dustbin waste. HH

  • Gerry says:

    McGregor would stroll back into that Scotland team with a cigar and his slippers on! Patterson is, unfortunately, another fine example of a player massively over hyped and valued. A dreadful game and performance. Bring back Berti Vogts! ( tongue firmly ensconced in cheek!)

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