Rodgers Slapped The Media Who Still Won’t Acknowledge The Truth About Celtic’s Ibrox Ticket Stance.

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I am absolutely, thoroughly, completely fed up with having to “correct” that rag The Daily Record when it deliberately misrepresents us or our position. And although the example from yesterday might seem like a modest one, it’s a line on a continuum.

Rodgers sat yesterday at the presser and someone asked him about the resolution the club has reached over the number of tickets we’ll get when we next visit Ibrox.

He did nothing but tell the plain and simple truth when he pointed out what we all already know to be a fact; Celtic never wanted to cut the Ibrox’s club Parkhead allocation in the first place.

That Rodgers feels he needs to get that on the record is telling in itself, but it’s no less so based on the way that The Record chose to cover it. “Brendan Rodgers insists Celtic never wanted to cut (rival fans) allocation as he wants more tickets for each club.”

But why should Rodgers need to “insist” on any such thing?

He certainly did not insist on it. That implies that he’s trying to convince people. That implies that there is some doubt over where we’ve been positioning ourselves over the course of this affair and that’s simply not true at all, and we all know that it’s not true in spite of the media’s constant attempts to suggest otherwise.

These people are in the business of using words.

They know exactly what the connotations of “insist” are. They know exactly what they are doing and I’m damned if we should be letting them do it.

Celtic have been crystal clear on this from Day 1 of this whole shoddy affair as we know and as the media knows full well. Rodgers is not “insisting” on anything, he’s reminding people who are content to ignore it that this has been our position all along, and we have never shifted from it, not even one millimetre, in the years that this row has rumbled on.

It stinks the way the media has covered this, it absolutely stinks.

From the get-go they’ve ignored or tried to dance their way around what we all know is the single most indisputable fact of this whole affair.

That Ibrox did this. That they began it. That they have escalated it in every way they were able. That their pettiness, their spite, is the sole reason we’re here and that in spite of every provocation and act of malice Celtic has been utterly reasonable.

We never, for one minute, deviated from our initial statement that if they were willing to grant us our previous allocation we would, without hesitation, give them theirs. Our response to this has merely been to treat them as they treat us and until we were forced, by the grossly unsafe environment they put us in, to resort to drastic action we were entirely fair minded.

Rodgers simply reminded them yesterday that these are the facts, in spite of their clear wish to deny them. I thought that was brilliant.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s just another example that typifies the media here. Everythin clemmont says is taken as if he’s the fkn Belgian dalai lama and anythin BR says is analysed, dissected and twisted tae find some negativity about it. Always the same.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Unless I’ve missed it,

    what conditions were agreed with sevco, for our club to accept tickets

    for ibrox next season?

    [Yes, we will have a better / larger space, but the risk is still there.]

    With both our staff and fans injured at ibrox, what new safety measures have been

    promised by sevco?

    Can sevco now guarantee the saftety of both our staff and fans inside ibrox?

    If no assurances have been given, then nothing has changed, and we can’t

    accept ay tickets for ibrox?

    If assurances have been given about extra security / safety measures at ibrox

    and ANY CFC staff or supporters are injured – then we’re back to square one?

    The staff member was injured behind the dugout by a thrown bottle:

    what additional, safety measures will be implemented?

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Everyone who visits they’re pitch that they always feel unsafe even during european games ask the lady liverpool fan struck by a buck fast half bottle in face,any news on that press??

  • John Copeland says:

    The ‘ media ‘ in this country ,and I use the term very loosely , have ‘ danced around ‘ the biggest story in Scottish football history – the Rangers being liquidated in 2012 . Do you think that they give a toss about a frivolous and piffling story about allowing fans back into stadiums of which the Rangers were the instigating clumpany ? The complete instigator ! No ,it’s evidently clear that the SMSM are more incompetent than our match officials and governing bodies ….period !

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    While I agree with your general point, James, I think you’re crediting the average Record reader with an appreciation of the subtleties of language that they don’t have. Most of them will be triggered just by an image of Rodgers.


      Smart observation.
      Pity that there are still large numbers of our fans that still prop up the terminally ill Scaddish Medjia with their hard earned cash. Imagine paying for the privilege of getting the pish ripped of yourself.

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        Any that I see doing it SFATHENADIROFCHIFTINESS then I gently ask them why on Earth ????

        Some say ‘it’s something to do’ others say it’s not for them (that could be the case as I get one for ma maw and auntie when visiting) but I bloody well make sure that I get EVERY penny back and if it’s £1.05 then I bloody well want the 5p even if it’s from old mama Mia or not (All shopping for Seamus the cat is free for her from me though and that’s plenty for sure) !

        A few say they are gonna stop doing which is good to hear…

        But I for one am definitely doing ma duty to try to get these rags out of business for once and for all…

        And Scotland will be a far better country for it the day that (like ‘Rangers’) they die !

  • john mc guire says:

    how can Celtic fans feel safe in the klan head quarters in the west of Scotland only a few days ago one of their box holders who was bawling about blacks chinkies and japs got his case tossed out of court by the handshaking judge , c,mon do you think they will try and protect our fans let the bastards have there midden full and keep them out of Celtic-Park .

  • Effarr says:

    To be honest, the Record and the Sun have the word insist in every article now so I don`t think it is anything to risk a heart attack over. They`re just prodding with a sharp stick. Have a loud giggle and ask them if that is the best they can muster. I INSIST you do that As for the ticket
    fiasco: that should be all or nothing. That`s four points (two draws) Celtic have dropped in the past few hours. It has been a Good Friday for THEM.

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