The Departure Of Mark Lawwell Is Welcome. Shame On Those Who Hired Him.

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Mark Lawwell goes, and he goes with the “thanks” of the club ringing in his ears. Yeah, thanks for wasting our time and money but for doing the right thing in the end and going before we have to explain to season ticket holders why they are still paying your salary. Except, as you’ll see, we are still paying his salary.

I don’t want to hear any revisionism from he or daddy’s pals.

The hiring of this guy was a lamentable decision and a grotesque failure on the part of every one of our non-executive directors to do proper due diligence and hold others inside the club to account. To be frank, his alleged resignation is way too late and way too little to satisfy those of us who are appalled that he ever had the gig in the first place.

It was a decision so bad that heads should have rolled.

And they still should.

The people who sanctioned that have a Hell of a lot to answer for. This club is run in a shocking manner, by people whose contempt for us shows through in decisions such as these. He was grossly unqualified, no matter what people might say, and his tenure has been a disaster.

Four transfer windows and not one first choice guaranteed starter has been signed. When we go out to replace him we better do a proper search and bring in a properly qualified professional who works to the manager’s remit instead of the chairman’s.

Lawwell senior ought not to be far behind him in leaving the club, and as junior has taken some of his team with him, so daddy Lawwell should take some of his long term lackies on the Celtic board.

Celtic’s statement says Lawwell and his number two will be on “gardening leave.” Isn’t that what usually happens when you get relieved of your duties rather than when you resign? It means he’s basically sitting at home doing nothing and still getting his wages. It’s hard not to wonder if he’s not actually resigned but effectively been sacked.

And if so, perhaps this is just the beginning. Perhaps the rumours of a Desmond board-room clear-out were accurate after all.

It’s clear enough that this guy’s failure was recognised at the top of the club otherwise he wouldn’t be going anywhere, and although the club has dressed it up as best they can by framing it as “exploring new opportunities” the statement also makes it clear that we’re still paying him as he explores them from his greenhouse.

I don’t care that the club continues to take us for fools and their official statement on this contains contradictions and holes.

I care only that we’re in a better place today than we were yesterday and there’s little doubt that this is now the case.

His is the first head to roll. It should – it must not – be the last one.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Should only be the beginnin. Dad should quickly be the next one and followed by the parasite dinosaurs sittin beside him in that boardroom.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Nobody is terribly surprised, as the news was leaked a while ago,

    but of course, not confirmed by the club at that time.

    Is this supposed to be ‘good news’ to ensure ST renewals without question?

    The club still needs proper PR professionals.

    And the logical follow on questions are:

    – who appointed ML and his deputy?

    – and exactly what will be the recruitment process to replace them?

    More Strachans – or relatives of Directors…?

  • KC67 says:

    Now for the fat one.

  • Jamie Struthers says:

    This is the best result we’ve had this season!

  • Jim says:

    He should not be the only sacrificial lamb to appease the fans, the real culprit big daddy MUST FOLLOW.

    To much money wasted by this pair , a total clear out is needed and that way he’s unable to dictate or pull strings anymore.

  • scousebhoy says:

    that he is still taking money out of the club just shows how out of touch they all are with the ordinary fan who by the way have to pay a £1-50 booking fee to get their season card activated for home cup games. surely the ticket office who have all your details could do this ?.

  • Charlie Green says:

    “Gardening leave”, You couldn’t make it up. Even when they do something right they do it “wrong!”
    When the Season ticket money is in they will probably bring them back and I, for one, wouldn’t put it passed them.

  • Adam Thomas says:

    Smokescreen for heated driveway Inc getting the rudi huilett .sorry for spelling

  • Effarr says:

    They claim that Postecoglou signed him. I think it`s only an excuse to get his daddy`s garden tidied up at Celtic`s expense. He`ll probably have to go on a course run by McCoist to learn the ropes. Definitely something fishy when he goes on the first day of the grass growing season and when the crows start to build their nests.

  • Ed says:

    Go on Jamesy Forrest: hope and think we ought tae run rings roond yer brother’s team on Sundi,…

  • Mark b says:

    Great article . Agree totally.


    Pleased as I am by this announcement my immediate thought
    was this, regarding “taking some of his staff with him” and his “ deputy”
    who the Fluck was his deputy and how many were in his team?

    We should be asking the Board for the cost of hiring this shower
    of Shiite and how much was pizzed up against the proverbial ‘wall’
    over the last 4 transfer windows in transfer fees, signing on fees, and
    if any Agent’s fees were involved and how much are we in the ‘hole’ for the lengthy contracts
    of the signings that Brendan has said don’t meet his ‘Quality, first team ready standards’.

    How will this criminal waste of money impinge on future ‘budgets’ available to Brendan, if he survives this Season, or any incoming Manager?

    A proper Accounting is required here and transparency regarding Pistol Pete’s involvement.

    Oh, and the Strachans should be next up in the departure lounge.


  • Tony B says:

    They’ll be in mourning over on Codgers Quack News at this.

    Big Daddy Liar must follow Junior out the door. The damage they have done to our club may be incalculable if the huns win the league.

  • Allan Wright says:

    Our demise both this season and the disaster that was Lennon’s final season both were on Lawwell snr’s watch! In between we’d 2 great seasons with him gone. Then back he comes and here we are again. Why in God’s name was he brought back?
    With Lawwell jnr you just sensed something bad when he appeared from nowhere then The Return Of The Dad. One now gone hopefully followed quickly by the other.

  • Gerry says:

    It’s a positive, and hopefully Lawwell snr and fellow cronies will follow soon after.
    Our club must have professionalism at EVERY level rather than a ‘jobs for the boys’ approach.
    The CEO ( Cronyism executive officer) position should be occupied by the most qualified person we can hire, which means due and proper diligence in the recruitment process.
    Celtic is a club, set up to succeed, and that includes Europe. That we haven’t,(in Europe,) is due to gross negligence at the highest levels of our club, poor/lack of quality recruitment in our squad, and the obvious nepotism/cronyism we’re all aware of. Let this be the start of change and a full overhaul.

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