Bisgrove’s Latest Claims About Celtic Are More Disingenuous Spin From A Desperate Man.

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James Bisgrove is in the headlines again, for talking about Celtic once more. I don’t know which outlet he was talking to or whether it was yet another meeting with the fans, but he’s repeated his “we shall not be moved from 5%” mantra, and he’s gone even further by claiming that the reason there were no fans at the derbies this season were issues relating to the stadiums, issues which are being rectified by some refurbishment work.

This is such dire nonsense that it’s infuriating to even have to knock it down. Celtic refused tickets for Ibrox because that ground is unsafe.

They were told they weren’t getting tickets for Celtic Park because they point blank refused to take that seriously. The suggestion he seems to be making here, that there were problems on both sides and that there was some sort of mutual decision not to let rival fans into the grounds is manifestly false.

And the reason you know it’s manifestly false is that his club confirmed that we had turned our tickets down when they went running to the SFA after we’d told them they weren’t getting any as a result of that.

There was nothing mutual about this. There were no “issues” on both sides, or any security problems with Celtic Park.

Let’s face it, if there had been, why did they scream and stamp their feet like children when they weren’t given any tickets? If those problems were so serious, the police themselves would have raised them. I know they’ve raised serious security concerns about Ibrox with the people running the show over there.

So what exactly is this all about? What’s Bisgrove up to?

Well, you have to remember, first and foremost, that this is a guy who has been humiliated by Celtic over this issue.

They were going to stick us with a lousy 700 tickets and they were adamant we would get no more.

They sold the season tickets for that end of the ground and this same guy who is telling them that they’ll not concede one more seat basically guaranteed their fans that they would be able to sit in their current ones and not worry about it.

And yet here we are, getting a European level allocation, which they did not want to give us, and those same fans are getting booted out of their seats to accommodate us.

He’s been made to look like a fool, and it seems to me that he’s determined to blow enough smoke that it covers that fact.

But the stuff he’s said here is so obviously contradicted by the facts that as far as I can see he’s only making himself look like an even bigger one.

Of course, the media has let him get away with that.

But none of the rest of us should, and even his own fans should demand that he shut up about it.

Because they know as well as we do that we’ve shown them up. We defied the SPFL over this and proved how powerless they were to stop us. But in doing it we also proved that those are Ibrox are essentially spineless as well. They stamped their feet, they made a lot of noise, but ultimately they rowed back from their extreme position and gave up ground, and everyone who is capable of looking at this reasonably knows that full well.

No higher than 5% though, eah?

We’ll see about that.

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  • Jim M says:

    His words are as empty as their bank account.

  • Tam says:

    You should know my view on the ticket allocation by now James… don’t take or give any…. the status quo should be adhered to….. the “status quo” situation came about because Ibrox was NOT a safe environment for CELTIC fans and STAFF…. after the last Glasgow derby there .Nothing has changed it’s still NOT SAFE….. just ask John Kennedy

  • Eugene Ritchie says:

    Pity we were`nt so adamant with Beaton being appointed twice plus Robertson given our next game after Rodgers complaint.
    Agree with ful article by the way.H.H.

  • Gerry says:

    We should know by now that there is more spin from Ibrokes than you used to get from an old pair of Adidas Predator’s… plus more bad lies than the average golfer gets in his Saturday medal.

    The worst thing about it is our SMSM, never dare to challenge these lies and spin. Bisgrove’s nose must give him away when he’s talking to his ‘peepul!’

    That is something that will never surprise us, as it’s all about ensuring the happiness & gullibility of the Mordor masses!

    It is to the eternal credit of yourself and our other Celtic sites, that it is continually called out for what it is…blatant fabrication !

    As we know, things can come apart so easily when they are held together by lies !

  • robert mclaughlin says:

    i notice no Apology coming from the gers for missiles being thrown at celtic players & staff at recent home game…! Why Not? Personally i wouldn’t take Any tickets for ibrokes why give them our money though it keeps their lights burning lol!

  • scousebhoy says:

    any news from the sfa about the objects thrown at the last game ?.

  • SFTB says:

    The reasons I know it’s manifestly false are:-

    His lips are moving

    He‘s speaking words

    He’s talking to a fanbase that prefer to be told lies

  • Mark McKenna says:

    Like all the other lies the media allow from that club, this nonsense is allowed unchallenged. Surely to God Celtic are aware of this and should be making some sort of statement on it? Sick of it. It’s not even a laughing matter, it’s a blatant lie about Celtic and so far from the truth.

  • sligo123456 says:

    I agree with a couple of posters above. Give zombie FC no tickets whatsoever (can we limit the amount of ‘staff’ they are allowed to take to our park?). And accept none for their midden! We tend to capitalise on the pitch more than them under these conditions anyway! It is a no brainer! Totally distance ourselves from them as much as possible! Rub their noses in it and prove we are a level above them in all shapes and form as a successful scottish football club. In short f*#k them big style!

  • M.Mc says:

    Totally agree with sligo123456… let’s get rid of this “old firm” nonsense once and for all. Questions will be asked at uefa, fifa which cannot be ignored!

  • Ecky says:

    What I want is for all the Celtic supporters @ the Scottish fall Cup Final. To behave their selves and not do a lot of the old rubbish, get rid off the ra songs we have better hymns than that. Get rid of the fingers up at the scumbags of the other side. Let the world watching know that it’s them who are the bigots and not us.

  • Cheezydee says:

    He said there was mutual upgrades needing done before they could’ve agreed to the allocation for next season, but then commented that we were just looking at making the ingress/egress better for their supporters, and sounded more like an improvement rather than any need. Be interesting to see if there is any change at all, or if any change was already part of an improvement for away fans in general, so he saved face

  • Thomas Daly says:

    The problem was/is,THEM do not have the money to provide proper security for away fans ask the liverpool lady and others who were struck by missiles(half bottle of buckfast)yes the lady with the burst and bloodied face,ask her,you should have her details,and make that public or the peepl who knows throw these things,CMON,pay the face painter.

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