Ibrox’s Motor-Mouths Are Rightly Being Scorned By Celtic Fans Tonight.

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If there is a stupider manager anywhere in Europe right now than the guy at Ibrox, I have not heard of who it is. Remember when I said earlier in the week that the kind of remarks which were being made by Dessers were a sign of profound indiscipline at the top of their club? Because all that kind of thing does come from the top of the house. Well, today Manneken Piss went in front of the hacks and pretty much proved that hypothesis.

What is it with this guy? Has all the media love gone to his head?

He wasn’t ever going to be our favourite person in the world on this end, but he’s becoming every bit as irritating and flagrantly arrogant as The Mooch ever was. This doesn’t have to be the case either; say what you want about Van Bronckhorst – I thought he had all the personality of a mop in a bucket – but he wasn’t like this. He had at least one foot in reality.

Not this guy. He sounds crazier by the minute, and today he was indulging in a little bit of Mooch style number crunching when he was coming out with all his “we have won four more points than Celtic in the last six months” guff, as if titles were decided based on the last six months and not over the course of the whole of the campaign.

The Mooch did this too, of course, towards the end of last season when he was still confident that he could extend his honeymoon into this season. We all know how that turned out. And as Keith Jackson and others have pointed out, the Ibrox boss will find himself under similar pressure if we get the results in the next two games against him.

There are others banging their drums and bumping their gums. Barry Ferguson has tipped the Ibrox club to win the title, and Lee McCulloch thinks we’re more likely to drop points. They are both basing this on the cup semi final win over Hearts; what an embarrassment that neither of us can analyse that game in the proper context.

It’s taken just one result to get some of them back on board, and to have much of the media eating out of this guy’s hands again. It is pitiful how craven some of these folks are, and how keen to put aside the evidence of their own eyes and become, again, believers. No wonder Celtic fans are laughing at this lot … and no wonder the impression grows that underneath the calm and the focus at Celtic is a growing determination to shut this lot up.

Like I said, we need no extra motivation. These Peepul are determined to give it to us all the same.

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  • Jim M says:

    When the bottom of the barrel “has been” well and truly scraped till nothing remains they find McCullough giving his us insightful predictions, truly they are plumbing the depths of societies finest , I rest my case .

  • Bunter says:

    I’m always surprised how almost every Sevco and the now defunct Rangers managerial teams always embrace madness, sectarianism, neo-fascism and anti Irish racism like they were brought up in the bosom of the Orange Order or born somewhere up the Shankhill Road. And it seems to occur as soon as they set foot in Ibrox. Bad enough when this madness infects Scottish managers at Ibrox but fecking Belgians? You couldn’t make it up!

  • Mr magoo says:

    They will never learn James , how abjectly abysmal wear hearts lying down to them. Christ, how bad were they that they let that diddy dessers score twice against them but they and dessers now think dessers is a feckin world beater .

    There is not a good guy amongst sevco players .

    Team sheet . Should read goalkeeper , wank. Back four, wank wank wank wank . Midfield , wank wank wank wank . Forwards , wank and wank.

    Papers are all saying goldson and tavpen are away for big bucks next year .

    Fookin laffable pie in the fuckin sky again. WTF is it wie these peepul

    • Roonsa says:

      Lundstrum has now been added to the “we’ll struggle to keep him” list in the propaganda spouted by our wonderful sevco friendly media.

      Do these idiots not realise it’s not exactly the message they want to be passing onto their players during a tight title run in? We don’t want you anymore?

      Their self awareness is non existent.

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    We just need to keep it simple and focused on one game at a time – respect the opponent and everyone turn up and play our football.

  • RefMartin says:

    I mean we’re definitely more likely to drop points against Hearts than they are. But that’s only because Hearts will be playing “how many can we lose by without the betting companies lodging an inquiry” vs them.

  • Jamie D says:

    It was ever thus with that lot; crappy football and then one win against a very poorly performing Hearts, and now once again they are the ‘best thing since sliced bread’. As long as we are able to play on a ‘level playing field’ for the remaining games, and the Masonic men in black referee the games properly, I feel sure that we can go on and put this title in the bag. H H.

  • John Neil says:

    Clemente has taken very little time to buy into theRanjurz ethos & has started to sound like the clueless Beale. It’s a delight to watch & listen to their fan based loving media squirm at the thought of Celtic winning the league. They cling to hope of us faltering in the hope that they regain past glories. They are yesterday’s men but don’t realise it yet!

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