McCulloch’s Celtic Park Comments Are Moronic And So Are The Papers Covering Them.

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It’s not like the papers to print comments that are idiotic, right?

But when those comments come from the Ibrox side of the city they do it all the time. All. The. Time. It does not seem to matter to them how daft these remarks are either. And the comments from Lee McCulloch about the seating arrangements at Celtic Park are absolutely ridiculous.

He thinks if we ever get back to the days of 7000 tickets that the Ibrox club should be moved out of the “corner” and given a full stand.

This crazy theorem is not his. It is not original to him.

McCulloch doesn’t even have the limited intellect it would require to come up with that, as daft as it is. It’s just stupid enough that he’s greeted it with enthusiasm, but I don’t know why any media outlet would run the story. Except some of them agree with it.

But it’s manifestly absurd and nobody who has suggested that has apparently ever given a moment of thought to the logistics of it.

McCulloch’s comments are particularly stupid because he actually freely admits that he doesn’t understand them; “I don’t know the logistics of that. I don’t know the policing or anything, but I agree,” he said when he was asked if they should get the full stand.

He hasn’t got a clue how it would work, or what it would cost in additional security, but he’s all for it. What an idiotic standpoint on which to have this debate.

Apart from that, it would be completely unrealistic for another reason; it’s not even remotely even handed or fair. If we gave them a full stand that would be 13,000 seats not 7000.

Why in God’s name would we even contemplate giving them almost double the number of seats we’d get for their ground? So what that we get “a full stand” and they get a section of one? Our stands are bigger, they seat many more people; that’s just the reality of it.

When both clubs got 7000 seats each that was perfectly fair and valid, and yet there are people on their side of this who have been bitching about this, and a handful of clowns in the mainstream media who agree with it. But none of them understand the issue any more than McCulloch does and not one of them even bothered to check what the numbers would be.

Who actually sits and thinks about this stuff? “They get a full stand and we only get a bit of one, oh the unfairness of it all …” when it comes down to the exact same number of seats? Who comes up with such a preposterous proposal as this, and why in God’s name is it taken seriously by people who surely recognise the illogicality of it?

To me, it reeks of retroactive justification for what their club did in the first place, and I’ve actually read people using it in precisely that context. “Oh, giving Celtic fans a full stand was always unfair because the Ibrox fans never got a full one …”

The clubs got 7000 seats apiece. What was unfair about that? Are they making an aesthetic argument? That it would look better on the telly? Are we supposed to take that seriously? That’s a reason to offer them a return to the previous arrangement, that we’ll give them 6000 more tickets so that it improves the way it looks on Sky?

I am honestly sick of people like McCulloch making the news with these kindergarten level debate points. Football fans are treated like idiots by the media now to such an extent that the only people still reading this kind of thing and nodding along with it surely are the idiots the hacks believe make up the audience. This is what dumbing down gets you.

But the rest of us shouldn’t be subjected to clownish headlines about “ideas” such as this. This isn’t credible. It’s a joke, a joke that has already gone on too long.

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  • JPD says:

    Man is an ìdiot

  • John Copeland says:

    That’s what happens when you work for BBC Scotland . You learn very quickly that it is absolutely fine and dandy to talk utter garbage without criticism from the SMSM ?

  • king murdy says:

    i don’t really think james he meant a full stand-ok..i know he said that…think he means being brought out of that ridiculous, limited view corner….those two poxy pillars, in this day and age, are an embarrassment…if i was an away fan…i’d winge too…don’t know how our fans, in the opposite corner put up with it…
    yea, yea…know it’s to keep the roof up etc….but celtic really should have upgraded a long time ago….more biscuit tin mentality from our cheap shot board….if it had been done 10/15 years ago…with the extra seat revenue brought in…would have been paid for by now….and also increase our year on year revenue income advantage over the huns….but hey…that would have involved forward planning and spending a few bob…..when did lawwell and his band of self serving bastards ever do that….

  • Roonsa says:

    I think what their complaint is, is that some (if not a lot) of the seats in that corner they were given are restricted view. To be honest, I think that complaint (putting it that way instead of being stupid about it) is fair enough. If we are demanding parity and safety then it’s fair enough that they do the same.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They seem to bizarrely love themselves so much that they must be seen at our Parkhead Paradise on TV…

    Well to be honest it’s only Paradise as things stand just now and them not there…

    But they are getting back –

    Pity the poor wee lassie that will have to clean up their pish, shit, vomit, used tampons, The works and the full monty are definitely headed in that direction regarding that situation for sure…

    Another mystery is with just how ugly they are in that picture why oh why would they wanna be seen on TV anyway…

    But they are the master race (their opinion, certainly not mine) and must get whatever exposure that they demand…

    We could also do with that ugly photo ‘disappearing’ as it looks like they have either scored at Parkhead and / or are winning and lording it big time as well…

    Bizarrely they seem to be more dressed in black than blue or orange !

  • Effarr says:

    I see McJoist (as in a plank) is back to his old troublesome ways by stirring the sectarian pot. He is even admitting his own and the supporters`chants are now breaking the law. Surely
    his many employers should be filling in his P45s. There would be no point in the P60s though.
    He`ll probably be the first to complain about Glen Daly at Parkhead.

  • harold shand says:

    Why is he suddenly everywhere in the media and jumping about wearing a Deedclub training top ?

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