Rodgers Picks His Celtic Team On Merit, Not On Spite.

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Earlier today, a Celtic site suggested that the boss might be “digging in his heels” over Scales, and playing him to spite the board and to send a message about the signings.

I get why that idea has gained ground and has currency. I don’t believe it myself, but I do understand why some people believe it. But there are obvious reasons why it’s unlikely.

Rodgers is not going to gamble with his future, or with this campaign, not now that we’re in the driving seat and headed for a domestic double.

Scales is the regular starter alongside Carter Vickers. That means only one thing; Rodgers thinks he’s the best person for the role. And you have to remember, that’s not a simple statement.

There are probably elements to Nawrocki’s game which are better than what Scales can do, but perhaps those things are as important to Rodgers as things Scales does better.

Who is the better player with the ball at his feet? Who is the better player in the air? Who has the best positional sense? Who can pass the ball better?

When your team plays to a certain system some of those traits are more important than others; this is why the bean-counters should stay the Hell away from the team building stuff.

They haven’t the first clue what the manager’s needs are. There is a complexity to this stuff that only the football people understand. When will these people learn?

They aren’t remotely qualified to make decisions like this, and every time they make a mess of one that’s another transfer fee wasted, more wages pissed against the wall and another player to bloat the squad.

This is why the football people should be in charge.

Scales isn’t the long-term answer.

I wrote about that the other day, and we can’t be sentimental about it. He’s done a fine job, but we know there are elements of his game which aren’t good enough and we certainly can’t go into next season with him as a first choice.

But Nawrocki isn’t going to be a first pick either, or he would be already. If Scales isn’t good enough to play Rodgers’ system then the Polish defender certainly isn’t, and although it is not ideal having to ship this guy out along with Lagerbielke what choice do we have?

He’s obviously miles off what the manager needs, and whilst a lot of us don’t know what he’s done to deserve being shut out what we can say for certain is that this is not a decision the manager takes lightly … or sticks to out of spite.

Rodgers is smart enough to know better.

He wouldn’t ever select inferior players just to spite those over his head, or risk this campaign just to make a point.

No sane manager would.

He sees these people in training every day, and I’ll trust his judgement over that of some bean-counter who has played a bit too much Football Manager.

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  • David Lockhart says:

    It’s impossible to be sure from the outside looking in. No doubt recruitment has been shambolic but equally Rodgers wouldn’t be the first, and certainly won’t be the last, manager to make selections driven by his ego/sense of infallibility.

  • Charlie Green says:

    He is much better in the left back position but there are others who should shoulder some of the blame for not dealing with cross balls. Taylor and Hart should have done better.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Certainly Ange went very quickly – He’d probably taken Celtic as far as he could and bowed out in world record treble winning glory big time…

    Ok the board got Brendan back – personally I think it doesn’t work out the second time around (unless you’re a man with no surname with a financially doped cheque book in your hand) but here Brendan is and on paper it seemed fine…

    But he’s not played that many of these he ‘ok’d and you have to wonder exactly why that is…

    Looks like they must’ve been Sonny and Daddy Lawwell projects and Brendan has been saddled with them…

    Will they see us stumble and stagger over the line or not ?

    As always – Time will tell on that one and fairly soon at that as well…

    But if they defend like they did on Saturday in the remaining five league games then I don’t think the dream will happen for us all at all I’m afraid !

  • Gerry says:

    Unfortunately, we’ve still to replace Starfelt! He wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but what a partnership with CCV. Quality most definitely required in the summer !

  • Antony Ivatt says:

    Nawrocki was unlucky with injury most of the season but for me he does almost everything better than scales. As above,taylor has to shoulder a portion of the blame for not tucking in. The left hand side of the pitch was woeful yesterday. Taylor needs to stop thinking hes a midfielder. The system requires full backs on the overlap to pull defenders away from the winger who br is asking to cut back inside on his stronger foot. Everytime taylor goes inverted he just causes a bottleneck. Worst full back in 30 years at celtic

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The problem with Aberdeen’s 2nd and 3rd goals wasn’t confined to the left side of our defence, the freedom and room the Dons got down the right side of our defence allowed two terrific whipped in crosses to be delivered and Joe Hart being rooted to his line didn’t help.
    Aberdeen’s pressing throughout the game didn’t give us any time on the ball but it’s obvious our team at the moment has weaknesses, surely James Forrest must get a start against Dundee.
    Hopefully we can get over the line and take the title, if we do the celebrations will be huge but also tinged with relief.
    This board had better realise there can be no repeat of the last two transfer windows.

  • Brattbakk says:

    This is an easy one, Scales has done really well this season and earned his place, in the last few games he’s done a few iffy things but also some quality work and we shouldn’t write off the chance that he could continue to improve. I’m not sure Nawrocki is better but if he is he’ll get the place if not we’ll buy someone. Scales shouldn’t be derided.

  • Scott Campbell says:

    So who answers for Nawrocki and Lagerbielke James? Because someone should. That’s a lot of money wasted. If Rodgers singed off on both of them, then that’s a concern. And if he didn’t, and they were forced upon him anyway, well that’s another problem all together.

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