The “Aberdeen Lie Down To Celtic” Myth Has Been Thoroughly Busted In Spite Of Ibrox Fan Wailing.

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Two subjects are generating much chatter on the Ibrox fan forums today; as usual they are to do with Celtic. The first of them is the “penalty” decision and the proof, for them, that the Unseen Hand still holds sway in Scottish football. The other subject is Aberdeen and how they “lie down” to us.

This is plainly mad. We’re back in the realms of the crazies now.

I recently watched Sarah Longwell do a Ted Talk about tribalism; Longwell is one of the hosts of The Bulwark podcast; she’s a former Republican who is now an activist against the extreme wing of the party, and in particular against Trump. Her Ted Talk was fascinating; she has said that the reason some people disappear down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories is because they have embraced “the tribe” and a lot of people go along, at first, because they want to fit in.

The tribe, she says, is one of those things we embrace as human beings, one of the things that has actually made our species resilient. Our need to belong. Our desire to be part of something bigger than we are. And if the tribe as a whole embrace a crazy idea it is very difficult indeed for the average person to resist being carried along with that.

It explains a few things. I read the stuff on those Ibrox fan forums at times and wonder how anyone can possibly believe some of it. I wonder if perhaps some of them are just going along for the ride; they should beware, because it is easy to get sucked down into that swamp from there. Before they know it, they too will be howling at the moon.

The Aberdeen team they are accusing of this took points off in the last league game and pushed us to penalty kicks in the Scottish Cup semi-final just days ago. Days ago. This isn’t some piece of ancient history that contradicts their barmy claim, it’s literally just happened. Have they failed to notice that? How do they reconcile that with their theory?

The answer is that they don’t. They don’t need to. One of the things about the tribe is that the collective “wisdom” is stronger than any outside voice or point of view. If the tribe believes in something it is absolutely impervious to reason.

Aberdeen did not lie down to us the last time we played them in the league, nor in that cup match. That’s as far back as I intend to go; the last two games.

It’s ridiculous to take this any further than that, you can’t watch those two performances and believe such obvious rubbish. Anyone who watched that game at the weekend knows how well they played. Even when we took the lead in extra time their side did not quit. They fought to the final whistle. They pushed us as hard as they could. Anyone could have won the shoot-out. Whatever it was that happened to their keeper during it, it did not happen to benefit our team, in spite of some of the madder theories on the Ibrox fan forums.

Peter Leven, who ran the team on Sunday, is an ex-Ibrox youth player. So, are they really telling us that one of their own went out of his way to make sure we won? In spite of the clear evidence of their own eyes that he did nothing of the sort? Prior to this, Derek McInnes was there for eight whole years, until 2021; do they genuinely believe that he was going out of his way to lie down to us that whole time? For God’s sake.

As far as I’m concerned this weekend demolished this mad theory once and for all. Their next manager will be a guy who has no connection with this country whatsoever, and I will be astonished if even the tribe across town can maintain this loony belief another minute … Celtic fans have never understood this. We certainly don’t get it right now.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    I read and agree totally with your comments on the sevconuts attitude towards the Dons. Rationally, there is no evidence to support their theory. They surely must come round to reality sometime soon. Then I look across at the USA where Trump and his acolytes simply ignore facts as they continue with their outrageously unsubstantiated claims. The tribal hold is indeed strong. Hell will freeze over before they give up their beliefs.

  • Roonsa says:

    The fact that the Jambos always lie down to sevco (without exception) and we endured a torrid time of it against the dandy dons, it gave them the perfect opportunity to try and turn the whole conpspiracy thing on it’s head because they had a “straight forward” victory and we didn’t.

    Should Aberdeen have had one, possibly two pens? Not the handball for me, even if it was in the box and it’s doubtful that it was. As for the CCV foul, clearly it was a foul. But, as far as I am aware, what happened was the ref allowed play to continue after the supposed foul on AJ and waited to see how it played out. If you list to what Neil McCann had to say on it (i.e. I don’t think it was a foul but I understand why the ref has given it), that’s enough for me. It was definitely a foul by CCV, 100%. But the ref has actually done well to spot the two incidents and decided that both were fouls.

    Having said all that, I do know if what happened happened in the huns game, we would have been angry. So I do “get” their anger. To an extent.

    Celtic should NEVER let up on challenging the refereeing. Have a look at this:

    Why can’t Celtic do the same? What is stopping them from calling out Beaton? Appointing him for the Ibrox match was an absolute travesty.

    • James Forrest says:


      I’m on the Forest story. I’ll have a piece about that up later. It’s a major one.

    • Magua says:

      I look forward to the day when actual Celtic supporters run our club. The pathetic Hun-lovers on the PLC board, will never wish to offend their Masonic brethren in the SFA or the LRA.

      Hail Hail.

  • Leon says:

    Last 19 league games between Celtic and Aberdeen.
    Celtic won 15 Drawn 4 Lost Zero.

    Last 19 league games between Sevco and Hibs.
    Sevco won 17 Drawn 2 Lost Zero.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ye only have tae look at how the hearts support are sayin, much the same as anybody wi an unblinkered view of their game. Gave away too much room in mid and nothin up front. Whereas the Aberdeen support with the same mindset, are all sayin they’re disappointed in the result, tho proud and nae complaints about their teams attitude and performance. Whit does that tell ye? Says it all. Only ones stirrin this twisted nonsense up, are the ibrox element and their media.

  • Leon says:

    Last 32 league games the Edinburgh clubs combined have played against Sevco since January 2020.
    Sevco 28 wins. 4 draws and Zero defeats.

    • James Forrest says:

      Astonishing mate.


        Astonishing is not the word I would employ.

        I think Alan Morrison would identify it correctly as an ‘Outler’.
        I would enhance that title to a big EFFN BLOT on the landscape that requires
        immediate investigation in order to also dispel the myth that the ‘Refereeing’ fiascos
        we see repeatedly is not just a West Coast ‘Celtic and Tribute Act thing’.

        We know without a doubt what and where our own problems with referees comes from.

        Is there a similar problem in Edinburgh?

        Is the situation a duplication of the tribal sectarian nature of Scotland’s population?

        Or is there an another unexplored arena, possibly match fixing with online Betting Companies to blame?

        I think we should find out because things are approaching crisis point and remedial actions
        will have a large effect on the whole Game in Scotland

  • Stewart says:

    Tbh wen the ref blew for wot is being said as the pen, I honestly thought it was free kick as celtic player was bundled over directly behind cv as it was all part of the same play, I’ve not seen a replay, it’s all been on the CV tackle,

  • Jason Craig says:

    Well I’m an Aberdeen fan and sick hearing it from that lot.we can accuse them of lying down to u cos they never beat celtic lol cracking game though

  • Peterbrady says:

    I watch the dirty fearts liedown to sevco unbelievable I thought I was watching Brazil1970 team . How any dirty fearts fan/supporter doesn’t chase naemark back to his aryshirse slums ghettos in Stewarton they deserve everything they get lowdown cousins os the sevco zombie hordes of scum.

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