The Chris Sutton Ofcom Complaint Shows How Pathetic Some Peepul Are.

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One of the dumbest stories of the week so far involves Chris Sutton. I read this and had to check the date to make sure that it wasn’t an April Fool joke. This week, he was cleared by Ofcom for making a comment about Matt O’Riley having “balls” when he converted his penalty kick at Ibrox. This was, it seems, the subject of actual complaints.

But who in their right mind would ever complain about such a thing? Well, who else but our friends the Peepul across town? A few of them have even admitted this on the madder forums, where even their fellow members have scorned them as pathetic.

And it is pathetic. Of course it is. Some of them sought to defend it by comparing it to our own anger at the comments made by Ally McCoist on the Hate Crime Bill, the sort of comparison that makes you want to slap someone around the side of the head.

McCoist expressed his intent to commit a racially aggravated criminal offence. Chris Sutton said the word balls, in context. It’s not, to the best of my knowledge, on any of the fabled “lists of words you can’t say on television”, even the ones which George Carlin immortalised all those years ago. Not even the most curtain twitching neighbourhood nosy would get in a strop over the use of that word. So, who else but The Peepul would this have been?

They really do need to get a grip over there. Is this all they do?

Watch stuff and listen to stuff, their heads so filled with hatred that they are literally just doing it to look for things like this? Who sits watching the football and then immediately rushes to fill an Ofcom complaint against a commentator? It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

It boggles the mind that Peepul like this exist.

The rest of the world must look at Scottish football at times and think we are half mad.

Half of us certainly are.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    I hear that sevco are advertising for “cow hide sphere, boys and girls” to ensure that a cow hide sphere is readily available whenever one is kicked out of play. Or then again, perhaps this story is just a lot of cow hide spheres:-)

    • BhilltheTim says:

      Sounds like the episode of ‘Yes, Minister’ where Jim Hacker, in response to some Civil Service jargon, wrote the comment,

      “Round Objects”

      on a paper. It came back from Sir Humphrey with the query,

      “Who is ‘Round’ and to what does he object?”

      • Captain Swing says:

        That’s what Britney was like when she was younger-

        Little Spheres

        – I’ll get me coat.

        Good job for them that Yvette Cooper’s husband was chairman of Norwich City And not Sevco…..

  • Roonsa says:

    What next? Jimmy Sanderson dug up and put on trial for talking about bums on seats on Clyde SSB in 1983?

    I hate them. I just fkng HATE them.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    A complete eejit of the Ibrox persuasion was on SSB tonight calling for reform on referee appointments, his complaint is that an assistant referee in their game against St Mirren on Sunday is Celtic minded. These people really do believe that they get a raw deal from Scottish referees, The sad thing is that you could quote statistics to them from now to doomsday, but they’re too thick and too biased and bigoted in their World view that we would be wasting our time.
    Let’s hope the Ibrox club support the reform their support are calling for but I don’t think they ever will, as the board over there know what club most Scottish referees favour.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    On SSB tonight a stupid thick eejit complained about the appointment of a Celtic minded assistant referee for their game against St Mirren this Sunday. He wants reform of referee appointments in Scotland and referees to state a link or loyalty to any club.
    These people are so unaware and stupid that they really do believe that there is a problem of bias against

  • Hugh says:

    We hate Glasgow Rangers we hate Aberdeen too, we hate Heart of Midlothian but Celtic we love you. It’s the Bar L for me me thinks.

  • Effarr says:

    I wonder if they will be shamed now into curtailing the paedophile accusations now that it is getting a bit too close for comfort. People in glass houses come to mind.

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