The Media Has Adopted A Brand New Anti-Celtic Ignorant Idiot To Sell Their Pitiful Product.

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There is low and then there is subterranean.

The sports media here in Scotland has pioneered “how low can you go?” and found depths none of us ever dreamed that there were. But I think they genuinely hit bottom when they steal content from the website that calls itself Football Insider.

Football Insider is quite possibly the worst of the clickbait sites. It actually “employs” former players, but these are the people who can’t get into the media in front of The Village Idiot; think about that. Everyone too stupid to get a gig at The Daily Mail, the lowest rung on the totem pole. Football Insider knows as much about what’s going on inside clubs as I do.

Tam McManus spent a while on there. Frank McAvennie did. Alan Hutton as well. The “finance experts” did a stint. And every now and again one of them would say something negative about Celtic and we would have a day of headlines out of it, even when what they were saying was absolutely rubbish. Almost all of it was.

Today the headlines are being made by Keith Wyness. Remember this clown? I wrote about him a couple of weeks ago when he was bumping his gums about us. Today he’s slagging ourselves and the first Ibrox club, and reminding us all of how he and his club “resigned” from the SPL to force through TV money changes. Yeah, and that’s done the game a lot of good.

The claim that we “tried” to go to England but weren’t wanted is a brazen lie. We did no such thing. Celtic never made a serious effort to explore entry to English football; if only we had. His assertion that the thing would have been a “disaster” because we would have “laid siege” to cities in England is pure idiocy. Celtic fans have been south of the border multiple times and been welcomed almost everywhere. I went to Liverpool last year and other than Gerrard behaving like an idiot the trip was brilliant and the city was as welcoming as it always is.

The Ibrox club has a worse record than we do going south; Manchester will not soon welcome them back. The nightmare scenario for any club down there is getting them in Europe. In the meantime, we’ve been down there a load of times and it’s been a buzz.

Wyness talks nothing but rubbish in that “interview” with Football Insider. He’s not been involved in the Scottish game for decades, which shows how far out of the loop he actually is. But he has a go at Celtic and that’s enough to get him headlines, all across the mainstream press. He’s about ten years behind events; hardly anyone realistically talks about Celtic entering the English system now as we’re all basically waiting for some version of a European league.

But the media has a new darling. They have a new rent-a-quote clown who is willing to have a pop at us, and that makes them happy, and it’ll make him happy, and it gives credibility to a website which really ought not to have any. Slagging Celtic is still the best route to headlines this country; that’s why so many of these clickbait sites do it.

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  • Dinger says:

    The Scottish media are lower than a snakes belly

  • whiteseatbhoy says:

    locals in my part of the country(Norwich) still talk fondly of Celtics visit, and that was over ten years ago.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Well spotted once again James…

    Obviously I’ve never heard of this Football Insider paper or whatever it is and obviously certainly won’t be going looking for it or anything else in The Scummy Scottish Football Media either –

    But it’s always handy to be kept in the loop by yourself about the many lunatics that have escaped from the asylum and run to the safe shelter of The Scummy Scottish Football Media slophouses to scrounge a bit of soup in return for their utter hatred of our beloved Celtic !

  • Tony B says:

    Sorry mate, you’ve lost me there. I’ve never heard of this guy before.

    What is the point of him?

  • John Copeland says:

    If I tripped over Wyness on my living room floor … I’d still not know who he is !

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