Date: 9th August 2011 at 12:10pm
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We launched our new away kit the other week (it’s out to purchase today as you will have surely guessed after our pointless wearing off it at The Rhodders on Sunday) at the Nike store in Glasgow. The four Bhoys (above) were wheeled out to give a question and answer session as my friends at Freud Communications were servicing my in box with the promotional blurb and pictures.

Well, it’s always handy to know that the top was made from recycle stuff and not the idea of someone who is a Robocop obsessive that wishes that they worked for Omni Consumer Products and not that Nike have got lazy on the promotion of this top.

The last promotion was fantastic though the product was dubious. Just when I was getting used to the yellow and black kit, it was unveiled on the pitch. The subsequent pictures make me loath it a bit more. It seems blurry and as if some infant has went mental with black tap and a yellow crayon.

No matter the promotion of that kit was incredible. Its all here in glorious Technicolor.

Imagine my disappointment then when I open my inbox to find the pictures contained in the gallery that can be launched by clicking on Ki dancing.

Have you not seen them before and not a video in sight. Plus it seems that Nike have a generic dressing room.

After this years epic fails from Nike surely we deserve better?

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Buy this Tee, for £5. It looks better than any of our away kits.