SPFL Releases Arrogant & Dismissive Statement On Fixture Shocker

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The SPFL have released a statement defending themselves tonight that is so profoundly awful that I absolutely cannot believe it.

They have defended the fixture change which caused outrage today.

They have said fans should not be surprised.

They have said that the other games are in no way affected.

They have said the change – playing final day games on different days – is not unusual.

It insults every supporter in Scotland.

When it is available I will amend this article to link to it, but in the meantime let me just say that it’s staggering in its arrogance, blindness and complete lack of regard for what supporters actually want.

It distorts reality and it abrogates its own responsibilities.

It has “offered” the clubs a decision about when they play their own games, rather than make that itself.

I have never, in my time following football in Scotland, heard anything like it.

The reaction on Radio Scotland was total disbelief, laced with appalled contempt.

That is a measure of how ill-judged these comments actually are.

Neil Doncaster certainly approved this, he who “clarified” the Sevco-Rangers relationship earlier in the year, to widespread disbelief and fury.

Earlier I asked how he can still be in a job.

I cannot believe he will be allowed to keep it after this.

He does not understand football fans in this country.

Hey, if it’s not that he just doesn’t give a toss.

Honestly, I am difficult to surprise but I am frankly shocked at their attitude here.

If they don’t get this, they just don’t get it at all.

To read On Fields of Green on this issue, click here.

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  • owen Dolan says:

    This is the reason I will not be back to football as this lot the SFA/SPFL have totally destroyed Scottish football,and our club James have stood by and let it happen.
    If all supporters did what I am doing,it wouldn’take long for them to get the message,so let’s do it.
    In my 60 years of going to Paradise I have never seen a association do what this lot have done,and get away with it.

  • sean keenan says:

    I also will not be back at parkhead, i have paid for 3 season tickets which i can not use,as we live in ireland and can not travel on a fri or sun due to work, so the people they are danceing to [sky-sport] i think next season ill watch it on tv.i think that mr peter lawell should remember what

    • Jjimmy1940 says:

      when I think why are they doing this,I just enquire who is going to benefit from the change.

  • Billy Coyle says:

    Its time for the suporters in our country to get together and let these people who run our game se once and for all we are not lying down to this,Sky is running our game on the cheap compared to the cash down south,the SPLF must be getting back handers lining their own pockets,time they asked the fans what they wanted.

  • Martin Blythe says:

    spfl = DOBs.

  • James MC Aleer says:

    When the normal rules don’t apply best to ask who benefits.

  • Danny McManus says:

    This is down to the corrupt cabal at hampden and govan they are making sure sevco know if they need to win or draw or if it comes down goal difference how many to see them go up its cheating of the highest order and they are using the old but its the sky TV revenue Scottish footballs life support it would die without it pish when we all know its to protect the peepuls club can you have imagened the uproar if it was the the hibs to be played on the Sunday the lodge at hampden would have stopped it dead in its tracks every club should demand the jobs of the corrupt lying cheating we love the only one club spfl spivs

  • frank kirk says:

    this mob are so bent and reek of double standards
    but i have known football in this country is run by MASONS

  • Inter no 7 says:

    Once again the SPFL don’t give a toss about fans in Scotland. Once again sky runs the show will it ever change ????

  • john leonard says:

    Whether you like it or not television does rule; the paying spectators at games are just a studio-audience. Television is where the money is; get used to it, get real.

  • gerrybhoy says:

    and we all wonder why we cant get any sponsers to finance our game here in scotland and that includes sky for the pitence they give yet they are alowed to dictate to us the supporters were and when they want the games to be played and by the looks of it god knows when we are going to see another game at parkhhead this season why are we buying seasons tickets for, and for this lot sfa/spfl they are unbeleivable if they think for one minute we are going to swallow this pish no season ticket for me next season and my sky t/v will be cancelled with imediate effect, and what about our mr lawell what is he doin even being in the same room with these arsholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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