Beware Of The Refs Revenge

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Celtic fans, beware!

Celtic team, beware!

Brendan Rodgers, beware!

After the award made to us against St Johnstone, beware!

We all know it wasn’t a penalty, but the way the media was talking at the start of this week you’d be forgiven for thinking it had been a title deciding or cup winning decision.

It wasn’t. It was a single goal in a game we won by a distance.

But it is already being used as another tool to attempt to sabotage our winning run and/or treble chances.

Remember the blatant handball in the semi-final against ICT? Was the same furore made at that time? Only from Celtic, and the hue and cry in the media soon ceased to be about the mistake and became one where we were accused of “bullying” the association and trying to intimidate officials. Other teams and their fans said “just get on with it”.

There was no reference then to “game changing decisions” although it was Craig Gordon who was sent off.

In the end, we were actually derided for not being able to beat 11 men (12 inc the ref) with 10.

There is a huge interest in us not winning the treble, the majority of fans outside our club – as well as much of the the media – do not want us to win the treble or extend our undefeated run.

Who would bet against Craig Thompson being given a huge game for us and “honestly” squaring the decision up??

We re not only fighting in games, we have a system that wants us to fail.

I wonder if this happens in other leagues.

Are their country’s where the media and fans outside of direct rivals applaud the best teams, promote them, and wish them well?

We’re now chasing major records. World records. Elsewhere that might be getting cheered on.

We don’t expect clubs to roll over for us, in order that we get it. But the closer we get the more nonsense gets talked.

This run is a “disaster” for Scottish football, apparently.

It makes our league a “laughing stock.”

In every quarter, Scottish football sees this as a negative.

Did the EPL see it as a negative when Arsenal were able to go unbeaten?

No, but this is us.

The media, this very week, published our financial returns and mourned that we are so far ahead, saying how detrimental it is to everyone else.

Does anyone remember that being the case when the now defunct Rangers were had acces to money?

They have predicted that all of our players top players would be sold.

They have insisted that we wouldn’t play in the Champions League.

They did everything possible to impose a sense of doom around us, intended to bring us down.

None of it worked.

And now we have this, snide newspaper articles and “expert opionion” saying we’re wrecking the game.

One decision went in our favour and we’re “the establishment club” all of a sudden.

We know better. The establishment is what it always was.

And that’s why every one of us should keep our eyes open for the refs revenge.

David Campbell is a happy – but alert – Celtic fan, who’s keeping his eyes peeled in every game.

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