Fear And Loathing At Ibrox: Sevco Begs For Humiliation. St Johnstone Duly Delivers It.

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What a week this has been.

The media and the Sevco fans have been laying it on thick; not three wins in a row but four.

Oh and they were certain to go five. Who cared about being Invincible when you could win a handful of games on the bounce? Who cared about the league table when everyone involved could kid themselves that it meant nothing?

Oh how they’ve been ramming it down our throats; they were doing what Celtic had failed to this season, putting together a sustained run of wins.

Some of the more imaginative – not to mention stone stupid – were talking about a title challenge in this campaign.

Just as tends to happen when I dole out praise to other clubs – poor old Hibs, the latest victims of my Kiss of Death – the Gods of Football like to dole out punishment for such hubris.

Sevco was just begging to be humiliated and this afternoon St Johnstone duly obliged.

There are so many elements which make this sweet.

The bubble of ego has burst and how. St Johnstone beat them easily today, as easily as Hibs might have in midweek had their finishing been better. In the aftermath of that match the nonsense that’s been talked on their fan forums and in the media has been incredible.

Murty was the new Walter Smith according to some. He was keeping in touch and taking advice from the Great Fraud himself, according to the muppets at Ibrox Noise.

The team’s “ability to win ugly” was title winning stuff. They were “back.”

From the dead, one would presume.

Their club is in crisis.

A few wins did not change that.

They weren’t particularly impressive in either of the last two either. Aberdeen may have rolled over for them but Ross County weren’t willing to, Hibs fought like tigers and St Johnstone have exposed their limitations in a bruising fashion which will have them terrified of Celtic Park.

We have to do our job tomorrow, and keep the foot on their throats.

I have no doubt that results today will provide their own motivation.

But what next for this rag-bag shambles?

A lot of wailing I would expect.

Their wider problems are not going to be solved whilst this board is in charge.

In the next few days you will barely be able to believe that the last few happened, such will be the furious reaction of their fans.

Murty, the hero, will be slammed for his incompetence and his inability to sustain their form. They were seven minutes from a draw against Ross County. But for the inside of the post they’d have dropped points at Easter Road. Yet the general consensus was that they were, again, “looking like a team.”

Their players talked it up too. They were suddenly “united” and that was what was making the difference.

Yeah, yeah. Heard it.

In fact, I’ve been sick of hearing it for a while now but every time they get a win all the same garbage is trotted out.

They were done today. St Johnstone won it at a canter. Radio Scotland has professed it a shock. I suppose it must be for anyone of the blue persuasion or anybody who hasn’t watched them lately. For the rest of us, no, not so much.

Sevco fans, still laughing are you?

No, I didn’t think so.


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