An Ibrox Fan Site Wants The SFA To Discipline Celtic For Hosting A Screening Party.

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Just when you think The Peepul couldn’t get any dumber, an Ibrox fan site wants the SFA compliance officer to open an investigation into our club because a function suite in our ground was supposedly booked for a screening party for Paul Larkin’s documentary Anyone But Celtic; it is his examination of Scottish officiating down through the years, and the Lanarkshire Refs Association which has spawned the likes of Hugh and Andrew Dallas.

Yes you read that correctly; they want us disciplined for hosting a film.

First things first, it’s not even clear if these folk have their facts right here.

Anyone But Celtic has been available on YouTube for months.

Paul himself actually made it available on his own site, for free, quite some time ago.

If there’s a screening at Parkhead I haven’t heard about it, but I’ll stand corrected if there was.

Perhaps they are referring to the screening, last year, at Parkhead, of his other documentary Armageddon, which received widespread press coverage and resulted in his being pilloried on social media, including by a small number of Celtic fans who should have known better.

Whether they are correct or not, this deranged attack on our club and on Larkin himself might be the stupidest thing I’ve read in ages, and don’t forget that I make it my business to read the tabloids every single day, as much of a slog as that is.

Aside from containing a number of potentially libellous allegations against the SFA compliance officer Clare Whyte, the article suggests that our club would have known what the documentary was about and not only should have refused Larkin permission to shoot some of it inside the stadium but that the act of hosting it has brought the game into disrepute.

It is also a vicious ramping up of the venom against Paul himself, who has already been subjected to some pretty henious treatment.

Seriously, this has taken scraping the bottom of the barrel to heights of absurdity.

How long did it take them to come up with this nonsense?

Honest to God, there is something wrong with these folk, something that is probably beyond fixing.

There are some who reckon they are more to be pitied than scorned; believe me, I don’t feel any pity for people who wallow in this kind of paranoia and delusion.

It is not only demented, it is dangerous.

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