The Edouard Stories Have Increased In Volume, But Celtic’s Position Is The Same.

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The daft rash of Odsonne Edouard stories continue to flood in, with the latest linking him to about half a dozen clubs in England and a couple more on the continent. With all these clubs interested, you’d think we’d be looking to start an auction, but these same reports all claim that what we’ve done instead is slash our asking price.

Does that make a blind bit of sense? Of course it doesn’t.

None of it does, and nor does the idea that the board would inflame the fans further by selling him now.

Edouard is linked with Spurs, Villa, Arsenal, Leicester and a couple of other English sides.

He is linked with teams in his native France, in Germany and of course in Italy.

With so much interest flying around you would think one of them would have wanted to get out of the starting gate first by actually, you know, making a bid? But none has.

In this gig, you can get bored waiting for actual news to write.

An offer which sent the Celtic board scurrying to the bunker would be something at least.

Instead we get this background drone all day long, like white noise. Notice how the alleged “best team in Europe” has nobody queuing up for its players in this this window. Funny that, isn’t it?

It’s all noticeable how the volume on these Edouard stories has increased dramatically since he got himself a new agent.

Which means one of two things; either that decision has pushed the media to an even greater peak of writing guff or the agents themselves are pushing this stuff into the public domain.

I think it’s a bit of both to be honest.

It’s clear that his new representatives have been busy little bees.

For the next eight days this stuff is going to rampage across the internet. I wish I thought that we’d get some respite when those eight days are up, but of course we won’t. This story will run through what’s left of the season and into the summer when he finally departs along with Ajer and probably Christie. All should net us some good money.

Now all we need is a manager to help us spend it.

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