The SPFL Colts Proposal Is Dead. Celtic Will Not Get Change Teaming Up With Ibrox.

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The news that enough top flight clubs are getting ready to oppose these dire “colt teams” proposals to torpedo the idea comes as no shock to anyone who keeps an eye on these issues.

These ideas were dead from the moment they were proposed. And just in case they weren’t, the two clubs involved in putting them forward made sure of it with their cack-handed effort at bribery.

With any luck it will be years before this idea raises its ugly head again.

There has to be change in the way youth football in Scotland works.

There has to be some kind of reform of the system.

When that reform comes it has to be something that the rest of the game can support. One of the many problems – but I think the key one – with these particular proposals was that they were blatantly designed to benefit just two clubs.

If we want genuine reform we need to do it in a way that does not reek of Old Firm Inc.

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Teaming up with the Ibrox club was a bad, bad move. Even in a season where we’ve shown how hopeless we are at thinking strategically, this was a stunningly stupid idea.

Its critics were given an open goal to shoot into from the first, and it was disastrous PR from us.

You’ll have noticed that when this idea was being proposed it was Ibrox’s idea.

Now that it’s been defeated it was Celtic taking the lead; this development was obvious and predictable, an elephant trap we’ve landed in although you could see it a mile away.

No idea that comes from the two Glasgow clubs together has a hope in Hell of succeeding and especially not when it is so obviously designed with only those clubs in mind.

Where were the benefits to the rest of the game, except in the money we were offering?

We’re coming out of the global health crisis and, miraculously, it hasn’t cost us any clubs … these proposals actually suggest that we increase the number of teams in the bottom tiers … madness.

On top of that, you had apologists for the idea suggesting that the smaller clubs should have their votes taken off them because they were opposed to it. We can’t know for sure, but it isn’t a stretch to suggest that this idiotic posturing might have cost some support along the way. Chairman hear that kind of thing and dig their heels in.

They were not likely to do otherwise in any case.

This idea has proposed over and over again and it has been rejected over and over again. Whatever Scottish football finally does to improve the standing of the youth side of the game, it won’t be this.

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