Celtic Player Gets International Lifeline After “Rangers Daft” Nutter Loses The Plot.

Image for Celtic Player Gets International Lifeline After “Rangers Daft” Nutter Loses The Plot.

Did you notice how he’s suddenly become “Ollie McBurnie of Sheffield United”?

When did you last read that description of him in the papers up here?

Every time he’s featured in the news it’s been “Rangers daft Ollie McBurnie.” As I’ve said before, if he didn’t have that in front of his name we’d barely know he existed at all.

If he’s fit, McBurnie was almost certain to be selected in the Scotland squad for the Euros.

His scoring record – haha what scoring record? – wouldn’t have stopped Clarke from picking him. Maybe the news that this idiot attacked a member of the public at the weekend and got arrested for it will. Surely he’s blown it?

As if you needed more reasons not to select him for the team.

I reckon it’ll be a while before you read “Rangers daft Ollie McBurnie” in the papers again, unless this is what finally convinces them to try and sign him.

Jon Flanagan’s record as a girlfriend beating thug didn’t put them off; I have always imagined their scouts watching the CCTV footage of that attack and saying to Gerrard, “Hmm … kicks with both feet. He’ll do.”

McBurnie’s inclusion no longer looking likely, Leigh Griffiths has to find himself in consideration, although if I were Clarke I’d just cease messing about and give the gig to Nisbet from Hibs.

Griffiths hasn’t played enough and unless Kennedy gives him both games we have left there’s no argument in favour of selecting him in front of guys who play every week.

Except for one argument; this was precisely the reason McBurnie was always in the squad.

The one thing we know about Griffiths is that when he plays he does actually put the ball into the net from time to time.

The “he plays every week” argument could be made in favour of Lawrence Shankland, but far be it for me to point out the obvious, he’s played 33 games in the league and scored eight goals. Griffiths has played 20 games and scored six, which is only a slightly better average until you consider that Griffiths’ often came from the subs bench.

Griffiths’ minutes per goal is an impressive 117. Shankland’s is 361. So you tell me who the better option for including in the squad is?

(Just for giggles, I checked out McBurnie’s minutes to goals ratio. You ready for this? The record that might have got him to Euros this season is one goal every 1316 minutes. Not bad for £20 million.)

Of course, neither Shankland nor Griffiths should get in the squad ahead of Nisbet, who has proved something difficult; he’s proved that he can “level up” which is a tough thing to do in football, moving from one division to another and proving you’re just as good.

McBurnie’s only shooting success this season – the one where he’s just aimed and blown off his own foot – now lets us have a brief, but important, debate about who should be leading the line for the national team.

If you want the most lethal hit-man in the nation you’ll go for Griffiths, irrespective of how little time he’s been on the park.

Otherwise, give the jersey to the kid from Easter Road.

The “Rangers daft” nutter has done us all a favour here. Steve Clarke has a big call to make.

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