No Real Celtic Fan Produced That Occupy Paradise Leaflet. It Is Deranged.

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I’m in favour of a fan demonstration at the weekend. It’s a good idea.

It’s the right thing to do.

Celtic fans have put up with a lot from this board over the past couple of years, and the flat-out contempt for us is obvious.

That has to be properly answered.

I understand that there are mixed feelings on this, but the mess this club has made since before the turn of the year has crystallised thinking on whether this board is fit for purpose and I think most of us agree that it’s not.

To ignore that, when we know the truth, is to do our club a great disservice, and so yes I agree that some action needs to be taken.

But there’s a leaflet doing rounds online – and which is apparently being shared by some of the less cerebral members of our support – which goes way further than anything that can be considered legitimate, and I don’t know what its genesis is but I know this; whoever produced it is no friend to this club or to the fan-base.

“Storm The Ground!” it shrieks.

“Gather at the entrance to the stadium ready to storm the front door.”

No Celtic fan with a modicum of sanity would have produced such an appalling thing or circulated it widely unless they drew every wrong lesson imaginable from the pro-Trump psychopaths who did the same at the US Capitol Building in January.

A riot, by the way, which cost people their lives.

Since it happened, three of the security staff caught up in the melee have killed themselves due to post traumatic stress.

This is serious stuff, this is not a joke, and whoever produced that is either an enemy of this club or a brainless thoughtless dolt who should be under a supervision order.

Whatever next, for God’s sake? Occupy Paradise?

If this is really the thinking amongst a segment, however small, of our fan base (and I doubt that it is, this positively reeks of the Ibrox swamp) then they’ve lost all sense of proportion and responsibility.

Even the production and distribution of that is indefensible.

Anybody out there thinking it’s a good idea needs a long lie in a dark room.

With bars on the windows.

I can say with complete certitude that anyone who indulged in their fantasy of storming the ground would be considered a pariah by the rest of the support.

The average fan wants nothing whatsoever to do with anything of this kind … and if its creators think that in producing it they can paint us in a bad light, let articles like this dissuade them of such a view.

No true fan of our club will have anything to do with this. The idea is abhorrent.

Whatever our enemies tell themselves, this is just not who we are.

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