The Record’s Idiotic Starfelt Rating Should Be Scorned By Every Celtic Fan.

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The Daily Record has chosen its next target in a Celtic strip.

It is hardly surprising that the target in question is Carl Starfelt. I have never known that publication to give any defensive player at Celtic an easy time of it, and when they find someone they think they can pound on they go all it.

Their task is made easier by a segment of our support which is congenitally incapable of giving a player time to settle and is constantly looking for scapegoats.

The Record’s decision to award Starfelt a five for his performance today is not only abysmal, it is nakedly and shamelessly biased. It is a decision based not on what happened on the pitch today but on what they expected to happen on the pitch instead.

Morelos and Roofe were supposed to run riot against this guy. Instead he performed admirably.

Gannon’s rating is based on his “weakness in the air” which alone is grounds for not taking it remotely seriously.

It’s in the air where Starfelt has been most commanding for Celtic so far.

It’s his tendency to do silly stuff on the deck which had the press drooling before the game.

He was beaten today at the corner, but Helander has a 3-inch height advantage on him and that, more than anything else, is what made the difference. But The Record, having made up its mind on him, is determined to hammer that point home.

No player in Scotland has had such a relentless and sustained period of negative scrutiny on him, not since Barkas, and nobody in Scotland will have.

It’s only at Parkhead that players are not allowed to make mistakes, not allowed to have a settling in period, not allowed to put a foot wrong.

That some of our fans give succour to this garbage is truly shocking.

The same writer gave 6’s to Ralston and Welsh, which are ridiculous ratings in themselves when you consider they were both rock solid. I thought Ralston was a man of the match contender for the way he played.

The agenda – to continue pressuring Celtic by painting us as suspect at the back – is now set in stone and playing out in full, even though we coped perfectly well against their best forwards without looking in any real trouble.

Our fans should know better than to entertain this.

Anyone in our support making Starfelt the whipping boy for today is doing an immense disservice to the player and to the club. I cannot put it more bluntly than to say they should beware of doing the enemy’s job for him.

John Hartson’s singling him out in the aftermath of the game was a good indicator for why he’s never tried coaching; his reading of a game is deficient, as David Walton at HailHail67 has pointed out in his own article on the subject.

That report, and the agenda behind it, should be scorned by every one of our fans.

It doesn’t even hide what it’s trying to do.

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  • Darren James Kerr says:

    The lads at the back played well. Midfield was weak and got bullied and Edouard effort was disgusting.

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Starffeld was decent today, one of our best players, did pretty much everything that was asked of him today.
    The goal we lost was getting caught out by a training ground trick – everyone of them but Hellander rushed the 6 yard box and our defence matched them, he held back and so got space and got a free run, then he got the delivery he needed.
    It was our front 3 that caused the problems, Abada unfortunately didn’t turn up, but thats okay, he will get better, Eddie looked more like he was avoiding getting injured, and Kyogo out left I think everone can see is a waste, compared to what he offers through the middle, so the middle didn’t have the outlets they have had recently, so we got bogged down, lacked the options and ended up playing deeper and deeper.

    Also, its interesting that the headers/tackles Starfeld wins seldom get namechecked on tv commentary – Welshes always do, but his almost never do….


    • Archie Collins says:

      This was Carl Starfelt best game since he came to Celtic, with a screaming 50,000 support and Morelos
      Trying to bully him he came through it very well. I also don’t blame him for goal ,I m sure we are going to see a more confident and better player after the break.HailHail from Johannesburg to

  • Mark B says:

    Who cares about Daily Record ratings? We were well beaten again. Barely a shot on goal. 6 defeats its absolutely shocking. We need a new centre half still and a left back and a defensive Midfielder. McGregor is excellent but must be further forward. Rangers far more clinical and how many goals is that from set pieces? I kid you not its aobut 10 in 7 games v Rangers. Shocking absolutely shocking. BUY SOME DECENT DEFENDERS PLEASE.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The defence was the best part of our team today, Edouard, Turnbull, Christie and abada missing in action. I usually don’t like being over critical immediately after any game but Edouard was a real passenger today and surely must get the move he so obviously wants, even if the the bid isn’t as high as we had hoped.
    I still think we can win this league and some of our support should calm down. We have lost our two hardest away games in the league at Tynecastle and Ibrox by one goal in the first 4 weeks of a transitional season. The similarities with Wim Jansen and the 97/98 season is striking when we lost our first 2 games and went on to win the league.

  • R says:

    I’m not sure any Celtic fan would have been aware of the records ratings without you highlighting it. Who cares? Why bother commenting? Why publicise it?

    This was starfelts best game. He wasn’t to blame for the goal. Who cares what the record rated him at?

  • Al says:

    Starfelt played very well. As did the entire defence. Edouard is a waste of a shirt now. Christie was poor too, as was Turnbull

  • Peter cassidy says:

    I have got to say starfelt played very well as far Eddie ange should have binned him after 20 mins just was not interested has carried on from last season like playing a man down ange made a few mistakes on tactics but hopefully learned from it today long way to go 2 wins 2 defeats not great start.

  • SSMPM says:

    Simple solution – stop reading the rankers retard paper and watching the blob on sky.

    In spite of what I’ve been reading I thought Starfelt and Ralston had good enough games today. Seems some Celtic fans can’t get over their need to moan and be divisive. Its a new squad and rather than get behind the club, manager and players, you want to break them up already. I support the Hoops. HH

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