Celtic Must Not Rush McGregor Back Just To Satisfy The Needs Of The SFA.

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Steve Clarke selected Callum McGregor for his Scotland team this afternoon, proving that the papers got it right when they said he was willing to risk the health of our captain for his own interests.

It’s a shocking decision, and one that our club should be seriously unhappy about.

We should be equally unhappy about his comments; he said he is optimistic that the player will get some game time before he goes off with the squad.

On no account should we be rushing Callum McGregor back to first team action, and we should be extremely pissed off at any suggestion that we might, or that the Scotland manager might do it for us.

McGregor needs to get there in his own time, at his own pace, and frankly his recovery should be entirely built around meeting Celtic’s needs and nobody else’s. I think most of our supporters would be pretty appalled if his comeback was risked for the greater good of the SFA.

Callum McGregor has just signed a five-year deal with Celtic.

He is critical to our title hopes.

He has missed key games for us, and we’ve paid a price for that. That’s the extent of the price we should have to pay. He’ll be back in our team after the international break, provided nothing else goes wrong, and until then he should get the extended rest he’s needed.

Clarke has got a damned cheek selecting a player we’re trying to get fit.

Of all the areas in the Scotland squad, the midfield is strongest and the place where he’s best placed to leave someone like McGregor out. His selection is wholly un-necessary and that’s why it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Celtic should pull him.

If we’re not prepared to do that we had better send a clear warning to the governing body that we will take action should McGregor exacerbate his injury whilst on national duty, especially if it’s against the recommendations of our medical team.

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    All international football should be scrapped. Have it like the Olympics and make international football under 23’s.

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