Sturgeon’s “Grace Period” For Celtic Park Vaccine Passports Further Devalues The Idea.

Image for Sturgeon’s “Grace Period” For Celtic Park Vaccine Passports Further Devalues The Idea.

The vaccine passports idea might as well be in the bin.

The government has announced that it will give clubs and business a “grace period” to adjust to the idea.

Business and football are running the table here. Whatever public health impact this was being introduced to have is now a secondary consideration to keeping those with money happy.

Spot checks for football was stupid enough.

But a grace period?

These ideas were floated months ago; business and football has had plenty of time to get this sorted out, and the industries have dragged their feet.

Football bitched and moaned and got its partial victory.

Now it’s forced another one.

For all the good this policy will do under the conditions the government wishes to operate it they may as well not bother. In the meantime, numbers are still high, although the fall in recent weeks suggests that we’re on a better trajectory than we appeared to be.

The numbers are trending better, but we’re still averaging 15 deaths a day.

Now winter is on its way and we’ve still got way too many cases in the community. Football grounds, nightclubs and other large venues are still way too dangerous for those who’ve not been vaccinated or those with compromised immune systems.

This policy was supposed to change that.

It was supposed to protect better those who might not get the full benefits of the vaccines. The policy was supposed to limit the numbers who can get this thing.

Vaccine passports have been operative in English football for weeks … we are still messing about.

It is clear that the EPL takes this way more seriously than we do; they have a spot-check system, and they extended it even after the government ditched the legal requirement for the whole idea. They did it voluntarily, in a bid to protect supporters.

Here we have a policy steered by Neil Doncaster. It is a joke.

The Scottish Government ought to just dump the thing. It’s a laughing stock now. It’s been watered down to the point where it’s useless and now it’s been delayed.

The idea is dead. It has no credibility left.

Someone should just announce that it’s been ditched and have done with it, and if the hospitals start filling up again, well at least we don’t have to queue at the football.

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  • SpaceCowBhoy says:

    It’s a tyrannous system anyway, were does it stop…as well as banning the experimentaly unvaccinated, who’s next, people with HIV, aids or do we go back to the dark old days of banning the Jews, gays and blacks…it’s ridiculous..

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