Celtic’s Deafening Silence Shows How Out Of Touch This Board Actually Is.

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It’s been almost a week since the shock news that Dominic McKay was “resigning” form his job as CEO after less than three months in the gig.

In that time, media lackeys and friendly blogs have been drip-fed all the reasons why he wasn’t suitable for the role.

I wrote a piece a couple of days ago which laid out the circumstantial evidence in support of that assertion.

As I said at the start of the piece, it’s not a theory I necessary subscribe to.

I just wanted to put it all out there in full, so that people could make up their own minds.

My own mind on it is pretty clear; I think terminating the CEO after 72 days is madness, and raises serious doubts about the judgement of every person around the boardroom table.

Our club is run by weak individuals with a risk-averse outlook.

Some of them have been in their roles so long, and are so embedded in a complacent comfort zone that any proposal which threatens to shake that up will be viewed as a threat, no matter how beneficial to Celtic.

These people have long-since abrogated their own responsibilities.

They run Celtic based on outdated and outmoded ideas.

They are incapable of articulating any vision of their own, and they are terrified of anyone who does. They didn’t want an independent thinker; they wanted a yes man and a box ticker who would have Lawwell forever on the other end of the phone.

Any organisation which lost a CEO after such a short time in office would be expected to pursue an aggressive campaign in the media in the days and weeks which followed, all the better to get across their side of the story.

They would not do this through leaks and off-the-record briefings, nor with feeding little tit-bits to tame hacks.

This is the antithesis of a modern communications strategy. No organisation which valued its customer base would maintain a public silence which taking cowardly pot-shots through the press. The lack of respect it shows for us all is incredible.

The company shareholders should be demanding an explanation for this, one that goes beyond the stuff we’ve been fed through the media. The loss of the chief executive of any major organisation is a sign of serious problems inside the walls.

The normal process after such a decision would be to get the interim CEO in front of the press in a matter of days, to give people assurances and confidence that there was a plan and that it was being followed. No such plan seems to exist.

That nearly a week has passed suggests that Celtic has no intention of putting Michael Nicholson up at all, or they would have already. They believe that they can simply ignore the questions and the doubts of the supporter base and carry on as before.

This is a classic example of this board treating us with contempt. Celtic fans aren’t going to settle for that statement last Friday being the final word on this. We’re paying customers, we’re shareholders, we have investments both financial and emotional in this club and it’s scandalous to expect that we will remain mute whilst our board behaves this way.

The last week has been damaging to Celtic in more ways than one. It’s driven another wedge between the fans and the board. What’s worse is that it has, without a doubt, damaged our standing as a club. No organisation which loses its chief executive so swiftly makes an attractive prospect for candidates. This is another act of self-harm against our reputation.

The silence is deafening.

That those in charge think that is tenable tells you everything you need to know.

They are so out of touch that it’s scary.

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  • Jim Duffy says:

    ST s all safely in the bank ,board don’t give two hoots about the fans,this much is obvious but until we start talking with our wallets and our feet the board will continue to ride roughshod all over us ,That reporter from the Times summed our board up perfectly.

  • Cairncross says:

    Never mind any of that, nothing much will change there until their pockets suffer.
    We just need to get on with on the field matters and Ange can cope just fine there.
    See some overblown, overweight, steroid chomping Scottish Clown from the fake world of American Wrestling is spouting off about how his path to glory mirrors Sevco’s.
    If he thinks glory counts for anything in his false circus world and Sevco’s flukey one trophy win in the false circus world of Covid, he is bigger buffoon than he looks.
    Do something worthwhile with your life before the additives and steroids get you.

    • Seppington says:

      His back-story is a load of made-up pish, just like his favourite new club and their claims of 55 titles…

  • John brattesani says:

    The board is run by one man one Irish billionaire, how did he make I,god only knows .
    I think he likes the power that Celtic supporters give him to exert his look at me ?
    Someone should tell him irs a football team not a hiflying company that makes millions he does not have a staff the 60.000 tHat go to park head .
    they are fans and I feel he can’t understand the fans mind

  • John McGhee says:

    CELTIC board are full of cowards and all interested in the blue pound especially p.lawwell and his tory friends at corrupt hampden we need a board that will stand up to the CORRUPTION at hampden and as we all 2012 ring a bell when rfc 1872 got LIQUIDATED and died mr doncaster said its still the same club after cheating for years using EBT SIDELETTERS lawwell said nothing so a new board and not cowards on it honest.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Every year the same old bull$hit from this board we where told new hotel complex we get disco lights we want a top manager after Rodgers lumped with a pis$head as I have stated the @unts know we will back the club till the fans understand its a business to them and him Desmond nothing else. I see the bigot dome open to everyone providing you are the right type a good old orange man or woman Sutton lennon not included.

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