It’s A New Start At Celtic For Ajeti As He Finally Stepped Up When It Mattered.

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Yesterday, when I heard that the Giakoumakis wasn’t in the team, or even in the line-up, I knew that a lot of pressure had just been heaped onto the shoulders of Albian Ajeti. It was important that he stepped up to the mark. At half time, he hadn’t yet.

Indeed, at half time we’d created a lot of chances without making any sort of breakthrough in the game. But it was coming. You could see that it was.

The only question was how long it would take before it did.

We were deep into the second half before that question was answered, and although it wasn’t the Swiss striker who provided that answer he was decisive in making sure that the points did not get away from us, with his double.

And that’s all you can ask of a striker, and especially one a lot of people had doubts about.

Did he answer all those doubts yesterday?

Of course not, but he finally got the spotlight to himself and put the ball in the net for us.

It will not be the last time he plays from the start of a game, nor the last time in which he secures us vital points or victories.

At last, it feels like the striker is getting his fresh start at Parkhead.

A few more games and a few more goals and people will look on him in a very different light than they do now. He is one of the misfits from last season, one of the notable failures, a tag which hangs all the heavier when you consider that Barkas no longer appears to have a future here.

A lot of people simply presumed that Ajeti was similarly written off.

But last season was a dreadful one on which to judge footballers at Parkhead; too many were off the boil, too many were resistant to the ideas of the manager, too many were side-lined by him for no apparent reason.

Ajeti has to have felt like he stepped into a disaster zone.

All of that is at an end.

This is the new beginning he must have hoped for. The manager put his faith in him, and it doesn’t matter that he was largely given no choice in that. From the moment Ajeti was told he was in the team it was up to him to prove he belonged.

A double is a good way to start.

With that monkey off his back he should have his head up going into the next game. As he plays more and scores more you’ll see his confidence grow and as it does we’ll start to see the player Celtic and West Ham paid big money for.

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  • Damian says:

    In Nov-Dec last season we went on a decent run. Ajeti featured a lot, from the start. This was important in a lot of those wins because, as a natural positional 9, Ajeti allowed Edouard to play in a freer (10-type) role, where he was at his best. It’s a shame all of that was quickly discarded.

  • Cairncross says:

    Very good to see this lad getting goals. I think he will prove to be an astute signing and as long as he can keep banging them in we will grow from strength to strength. With him and the new lad Giakoumakis combining with Kyogo, Turbull et al we will not need to fear anyone, particularly in Scotland. I see continual progress from the team and only one title winner being us………..not the second for Sevco and the Klan after the clownish season last year.

    • Ange Baby says:

      Hopefully we’ll improve but our performances are deteriorating.

      Hung on in Alkmaar, anonymous at Ibrox and pretty poor yesterday.

      Been disappointed with Turnbull this season and McGregor & Rogic also poor yesterday, surely time to give McCarthy a run from the start.

      If we can’t be bothered signing a LB then Montgomery has to be given a run, already looks a better option than Greg Taylor

  • Pat Morrissey says:

    On another topic. I’ve not seen Edouard move that fast in the last 18 months as he did yesterday.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Its great to have different types 8 of forwards in your team its a long hard season so we need all our players and if the forwards are scoring well we will have great season.ajeti given game time will score goals he has the making of a very good player in my opinion powerfull player should be able to give any defence plenty of trouble and with the Greek lad could be great double act time will tell.

  • jrm63 says:

    His first goal was not easy – he had to arc himself to cushion the header. First 90 mins I have been able to see. Montgomery is just a better player than Taylor. Now. Forget prospect. Ajeti reminds me of Mark Hughes. He needs to be used for wall passes in the box and 1 of the 3 central midfielders needs to get much closer to him. He is limited in terms of pace and distribution but how many times could we have crossed the ball yesterday and did not

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