The Media Is Wetting Itself Tonight Over A Potential Injury To Celtic’s Japanese Striker.

Image for The Media Is Wetting Itself Tonight Over A Potential Injury To Celtic’s Japanese Striker.

Wow. The media reaction to Kyogo picking up a knee injury tonight is akin to that of Pavlov’s slobbering dogs.

This is what they’ve been waiting for; the chance to write “Celtic in potential striker crisis” headlines.

Nobody at Celtic, not the fans and not the club, would be less than dismayed if Kyogo was out for a while, but it’s not like we’re not sitting on replacements.

We have big Greek ready to play.

Jota can perform as a striker.

So can Forrest.

Which is to say nothing for us having an actual third striker, in Ajeti, ready to play.

So yeah, we might be “In a sweat” as the press is putting it tonight, but I hardly think we’re actually sweating this that much.

Players will get injuries this season, it’s inevitable.

But this is also why you sign more than one player for each position.

Reports describe the contact that led to his going off as “minimal.”

Therefore, it’s probably more a precautionary thing than an actual serious problem.

We hope.

But the media is reporting it as if this was a pretty heavy situation.

One way or another, we’ll cope.

We have enough firepower in the team that it will be an inconvenience more than a major hindrance.

This is why you sign the top scorer in Holland as a backup for your main front-man.

Celtic fans will wish Kyogo well, and whilst we’re hoping that the injury isn’t a bad one and doesn’t keep him out for an extended period of time, I’d have to say that I’m excited for the opportunity such circumstances would hand to other members of the squad.

Kyogo Furuhashi, hopefully you’re not going to be on the side-lines and if you are hopefully it won’t be for that long.

Those in the media who are wetting themselves over this are paying you the ultimate compliment.

They are scared to death of you.

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  • Rod says:

    It was obvious he’d get injured at some point early!..the only surprise is that it didn’t happen against a Scottish team!!!!! Speedy recovery wee man ???

  • kirikocho blazes says:

    The SSMSM and how it works! Example. Celtic + them play away in Europa League before an Ibrokes showdown at the weekend. Celtic keep a clean sheet for last sixty minutes against a rested, potent Dutch side to go through by one goal on aggregate, having scored away. Side of the seat excitement. Meanwhile in a parallel universe Rangers are holding out for over half the game against ten men for a nil nil draw against a side from Armenia, which most of us couldn’t place on a world map without using Google, which they do! Next evening Hughie Keevins tells us the Celtic performance was very very poor. Pure Doublethink! Then the daily Radar announces the team for Ibrokes are wonderful!. All the honeys reading it and listening believe it all and digest it all with glee. On the Saturday Fifty thousand baying Huns fulfil their self-fulfilling fallacy and huns confidently win 1-0. The world turns!

  • Ange Baby says:

    To be fair id be in a sweat if we play Ajeti up front!

  • Joelebhoy says:

    Last time Ajeti played, he was on for 10 mins and set up a cracking chance.

  • SSMPM says:

    As long as players like Power are allowed to assault our players repeatedly, supported by the refs and the hun media as nothing more than mere bookings, then there’s bound to be injuries. Ange has provided some depth to cover such assaults, the question is will they step up to the plate. HH

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Bloody hell we’ve other players to fill in,thankfully most Celtic fans don’t start panicking at every slight knock our players take.We all know the SMSM and their tricks by now

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