The Scottish Government Is Putting Celtic Fan’s Safety In The Hands Of Neil Doncaster.

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I listened to a recording today of Jason Leitch talking on the radio, and having just written about the fake Mulgrew thing I was honestly tempted to check and see if I was being tricked in some way.

There was the Scottish Government’s chief medical advisor on the virus talking about how Neil Doncaster’s plan for vaccine passports might be the way to go.

I don’t have to remind regular readers that Neil Doncaster is a grade one idiot who has proven himself utterly incompetent when it comes to doing the job that he’s paid to do.

This man cannot be trusted in the industry which has employed him for more than a decade, so I am frankly astounded that the Scottish Government is listening to him on this.

I wrote about this subject yesterday, and went over my concerns.

Hearing Leitch credit Doncaster as the author of this ludicrous proposal was jaw-dropping.

I had known that it came from within football, from someone without the slightest understanding of virology or of “nudge theory” and behavioural science, and I said that Holyrood was pandering to the football industry … but to hear that it had come from a guy most of us wouldn’t trust to run a raffle is deeply concerning.

Doncaster shouldn’t be in charge of football far less matters of life and death.

It is hard to overstate the surrealism of this man steering a major policy upon which the health and well-being of Scottish citizens depends.

The idea of spot-checks instead of a comprehensive system which catches everyone is inherently dangerous and will be discriminatory.

It will probably fatally undermine the entire argument behind the use of vaccine passports and it places too great a burden on the stewards who will have to do checks that will only cause animosity from those subjected to them.

Most importantly, a spot-check system does not accomplish the primary goal, which is to protect people from the virus.

It leaves huge holes in the wall. We would be as well not bothering. In fact, we’d be better not to bother because the anger that spot-checks will provoke will simply not be worth the limited additional “protection” they offer.

This scheme bears all the hallmarks of something Doncaster would come up with.

Something not thought all the way through. Something for appearances sake.

Something that he will claim protects football but actually causes more problems than it can possibly solve.

I don’t care what your views are on vaccine passports, or even on the vaccines themselves … I think we can all agree that any scenario where Neil Doncaster has the safety of Celtic fans in his hands is not a place any of us wants to be.

Instead of following the science, we’re apparently now letting the village idiot steer Scottish Government health policy.

Even writing it gives me the fear.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Sounds like something you do in a meeting. Chuck ideas out there, chalk them up on a wall board and then think it through. Fair enough. Only trouble is this crap appears to have stuck on the wall. Surely its everyone or no-one at all. Wonder what Charlie Mulgrew thinks. HH

  • The Great God Pan says:

    The Scottish Government lacks the leadership and balls to do their job and the fact that there is no effective opposition discredits the whole colony called Scotland.

  • John says:

    Anyone who would had over responsibility to Doncaster to sort this issue really needs their head looked at. SPFL and Scottish Government SFA are all bottlers. Proved that last season when they failed to address covid issues involving Sevco. NS chasing Sevco votes at the election which she was never going to get. HH

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