Unhinged Nicholas Cannot Stop Himself From Taking Shots At Celtic.

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There are some news stories that repeat so often that they start to become part of the background noise.

Boris Johnson, breaking promises and telling porkies. Donald Trump, ranting and foaming about a stolen election. The Ibrox club, telling the world how well off they are financially although they post losses year after year. We’ve heard it before.

Charlie Nicholas attacking Celtic is like that. Dog bites postman. Celebrity caught using coke. Footballer caught speeding in his sweet new ride. News, but not exactly new. Old hat. Re-treading old ground. Nothing here we haven’t seen already.

I’ll tell you what will be an interesting news story; the day Nicholas says something nice about Celtic. That should be a “hold the front page moment”, like Bigfoot walking out of the woods and into a cash and carry. It will have novelty value. It will be fit for headlines.

Today he’s comparing Ange with Ronny Deila, apparently not realising that Ronny won a double in his first season and was denied a treble by a disgraceful refereeing decision. He apparently hasn’t realised that Ronny is considered, by many, to have been the guy who laid the foundations on which Rodgers built the team which would eventually win the Quadruple Treble.

He says he’s not sure Ange realised the size of Celtic. I am certain that he did. I think it’s Nicholas who has an improper grasp of our club. He’s certainly not been near the centre of Celtic for a long, long time and most people inside the walls wouldn’t even give him the time of day and there’s a good reason why numerous Celtic boss have openly scorned him.

The whole article is a mish-mash of nonsense. He starts comparing Ange to Ronny then compares him to Tony Mowbray. He criticises the manager who won us two titles and basically says Rodgers had to clean up his mess, which is as catastrophic as misreading as you’re ever likely to see. Bizarrely, he does attempt to offer mitigation for Mowbray by saying that Mowbray wasn’t properly backed with money … a complete fantasy if you actually recall that.

He says that the manager is under pressure, then says he doesn’t fear for his job. He says it might be too early to panic then says this is the most important week at the club for a decade; I think I can recall a couple that were more important, but hey-ho.

The article reads like something written by a kid in a hurry to finish his homework. It’s not for nothing that I class him in the same “journalistic” category as Kris Boyd and Frank McAvennie, not just the idiots but the complete goons, the professional trolls.

He says we’re in meltdown. Funny, because from where I’m standing we’re within six points of the league leaders for 31 games left to play and in a cup semi-final. We have a big Europa League night to look forward to on Thursday.

A lot of lily-livers want to chuck in the towel early. That’s their prerogative, they are welcome to do so. But Nicholas would find something to moan about even if the form was blazing and brilliant because this is what he does, it’s all he does.

Nicholas attacking Celtic? It’s not a headline, because we expect nothing less from him. It’s why most of our fans can’t stand the guy. We know the difference between someone having their say and using every avenue to attack the club, and he falls into that latter category.

A guy who doesn’t even realise that the Ronny Deila comparison isn’t an insult is somebody you can’t take seriously at all. Nicholas continually makes a fool of himself with this stuff he writes. He really does have a serious problem with us.

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  • Seppington says:

    So bitter he’d make limes taste sweet. An utter joke of a man and I don’t know why anyone, especially our own fans, would give a jot of credence to a thing he says. Walking click-bait, they publish because they know we’ll read it just to see what pish he’s coming out with this time and they’ll get their pennies. We all need to ignore this clown en-masse, just as we should with Boyd, Fergiehun etc. etc. etc. These idiots have no real info about our club, they just spout opinions based on whatever they think will get to us, not what’s true.

  • SSMPM says:

    Agreed, he’s a right Charlie, I already do ignore him, and the afore mentioned mouthpieces, every day until I read this. HH

  • Colin Monaghan says:

    Nicholas is a waste of space and needs to be outspoken to get a headline.
    If you saw the PSG Man City game you should realize that there are other teams much more expensive than us that couldn’t finish their dinner.
    Plus the guy that scooted against Real Madrid had to I’m to quickly finish his crossword before the defense watched him score.
    Give Ange a break, the guy has tons of experience and will do well once things settle down and he gets a team together who get a chance to play regularly.

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