We Should Be Glad That The Leigh Griffiths Circus No Longer Affects Celtic.

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Did he or didn’t he?

That is the question, but it shouldn’t be.

Did Leigh Griffiths deliberately try to kick a pyrotechnic into the crowd last night because they sang a song he wasn’t happy with?

The truth is, the answer doesn’t matter as much as the fact we’re asking the question.

The real question is, why can’t this guy just keep his head down and play?

Leigh Griffiths is one of those people who is forever pleading innocent but somehow can’t keep himself out of the papers for all the wrong reasons. This guy is a walking circus act, and our saving grace today is that it has moved on and is someone else’s problem.

Dundee must love its status as the club which has not one but two of Scottish football’s premier league goons in its ranks.

The difference between Griffiths and the other one is that Cummings at least gets the occasional goal. But they are bottom of the league for a reason; all this bling isn’t going to keep them in the SPFL, especially when one half of this double act does stuff like this.

You know, Griffiths has managed to be absolutely no use to us here in any way, shape or form.

Sending him to Dundee had one possible silver lining; there was a chance that he would rise above it all and present a threat to the club across town when they rolled up there. That game is due to happen this very weekend, and the chances are he’ll be banned for it.

So thanks for nothing. An SFA probe is already underway. Just in time.

Confidence in his ability to influence that one was fading anyway. I watched him in the recent Dundee derby and his contribution to it was fleeting if we’re being generous. It is hard to see what role, if any, he could have played for us when he’s so manifestly below par.

The truth is, his career looks as if it’s on the trajectory subsequent Celtic managers have warned about and whilst there is some mitigation for the last two years because we had an entire coaching team which couldn’t seem to get anyone fit, he cannot say that top people in the sport haven’t tried to get him to change his ways. All to no avail.

Griffiths is a shadow of the footballer he was, a shadow of the footballer he should be at this age in his career.

But he remains capable of making headlines, and how.

We should all be happy that they are somebody else’s embarrassment now.

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  • Kathryn White says:

    Exactly this. He’s a clown and always has been. He’s got away with it for too long because of people like Neil Lennon saying things like “He’s a rascal”. No, he’s a grown man. Him and Keiren Tierney were at the club at the same time. The maturity levels were night and day, the wrong way round.

  • SSMPM says:

    When you said the 2 goons I was sure Charlie Adams name was coming up. As for an SFA probe and actions that might prevent him playing against the rankers well just appeal and play anyway, maybe 4 months down the line they might address it. HH

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