Celtic Has Confirmed That Ibrox Fans Won’t Be Allowed In Our Ground In January.

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One of the worst kept secrets in Scottish football was apparently made official to a meeting between Celtic fans and the club recently, when stand-in CEO (soon to be permanent would be my bet) Michael Nicholson told the assembly that Ibrox fans would not be allowed into Celtic Park on 2 January as the standoff between the clubs carries on.

There was little doubt in my mind that this would be the case.

The club was allowed enough leeway on the matter to make it as good as certain.

To have done anything else would have been a major PR disaster.

The Ibrox club’s fans will get parity with ours, and that seems to the be the end word on it.

Whatever they decide to do to us will be done to them.

We will eat a bit of dirt from the media because of this stance. It should be neither here nor there for anyone at Celtic Park. Some will even frame it as a suggestion that we should reach for “the moral high ground” as if you got some special award for that.

But we won’t. We will get walked all over. That’s the reality of it. Anyone who has shown Ibrox the least bit of weakness in the past few years has been stomped on and that’s not an attitude that we can afford to take.

If the SPFL regulations had mandated it, we’d have had to give them tickets like every other club.

But they left enough of a gap in the rules that I never believed that we would fail to use it to deny them in the same way they have denied us.

Our board is not moralising on this. Our board is small minded and petty.

On this issue that’s exactly all they need to be and all I would want them to be.

They have decided to give the Ibrox club not one thing more than we get and that might seem ridiculous to some but I understand this time why we’re behaving that way. It’s the only rational response.

And I am delighted that Celtic has confirmed to fans that it’s exactly how we intend to handle this.

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  • John S says:

    If it’s good enough for the goose…

  • Brian says:

    Why are you blaming both clubs. Trifc started this nonsense until they sort themselves out why the hell should we be blamed. Spot on Celtic no quarter given.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’d love to agree with you Sean but that is not an ethical football club and they are not football fans. They are abusers of our people, our culture, our club and our fans. They are ruining this country. Having a word simply does not cover it. If left to me I’d never let them in our ground again. Ever. We are not part of this, we don’t need them. They started and continue this.
    Some would have us whimper up to them, tail between our legs forgiving and forgetting their sins like that’s the end of it and that wouldn’t happen again. You can trust them but for me its … never ever again. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      Turn it in mate FFS. Talk about over egging the pudding. I preferred the old days when they were Rangers and it was a 1/3rd capacity allocated to opposition fans at each ground. That was an atmosphere. Now it’s just petty whatabouttery spoiling it for proper fans.

      As far as the clubs go, this is all about selling more season books to their own fans. Fair enough when you think about it but it does spoil the matches against them as a spectacle.

      • Stephen McAdam says:

        Total nonsense you talk hope my other post gets through but you sit are way off embarrassing so

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    Sevco are trying to rule Scottish fitba with an iron rod and are getting away with so much and I am happy our pathetic board are making a stand here probably reluctantly but they know we won’t stand for any weakness and it is a shame we have to go down this road but we are left with no option but to keep their fans out of paradise.

  • John says:

    Well said SSMPM! Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m all for keeping these sectarian bigots out of our ground forever more.Would never miss bile that spews from their mouths.
    For the guy that thinks both clubs should get together. What planet are you on? We are not one side of a double act.An eye for an eye I say

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