Celtic Must Dominate Until New Year And Push Our Rivals To An Impossible Decision.

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Another week of internationals looms in front of us and then we’re back to the real business. Thank God. Because the whole of this week has been torture and the one in front of us will be even more so because we all want to get back to watching Celtic.

Don’t get me wrong, last night’s game between Scotland and Israel was a barnstorming match, the sort that reminds you why you love football. The late winner alone was worth watching it for. Still, watching anyone but our club right now feels unsatisfying.

When the business starts up again we’ve got some big games in front of us. This is a tough month because we’re visiting a few away grounds where the matches are suddenly “must win” encounters.

The rest of the year is pretty much going the same way.

We have a simple task here during these games to come; dominate them, win and win and win until January. If we do that then we can sign some new talent and strengthen the squad in preparation for the second half of the season.

We’ll be well in the title race.

If we get it to January and this thing is close then our spending money to get even stronger will put the club across the city in an impossible position.

Even if they wanted to gamble and try and do the same would they have the resources?

The chances are that they’ll have to sell instead and that makes them weaker at the very time we’re improving our squad.

Would they chance that? Would they be able to resist the enormous pressures which must exist over there at the present time? We can force that club to a roll of the dice they can’t afford. Even over there they must ask the question; what if we gamble and fail?

What if they try for the Champions League money and then fall short of it?

What kind of state will their club’s finances be in going into the next campaign? We have no way of knowing because they hide everything over there. But there have to be pressures and there has to be some serious hurting going on.

Most of their directors would have found it reasonable to put a million or so in the pot to pay the bills but last season there must have been £30 million in losses … who in God’s name filled a hole that big?

Who stepped up and shoved £5 million or more in? And for what?

To cater to the egos of the Peepul and Steven Gerrard.

Who but a madman would do that?

I know this much; nobody is going to do it again.

If that experience hasn’t put them off then only running out of money entirely will, and nobody is going to risk that to satisfy that club’s craving for status.

January will force them either to cut the squad or to shop around for the cash for one last throw of the dice, one desperate game to stave off total disaster, and if we’ve gotten that far and we’re looking good for the title then nothing will stop us.

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  • Seppington says:

    “Who but a madman would do that?”

    Who but a madman would want anything to do with that horrible, despicable club?

    Right enough we need to keep winning, all the way through the season. The brethren in black must not be allowed to win the title for them again (I know we were terrible last season but the refs still gave them every dodgy decision, even after we were obviously out of it, which is really rather desperately pathetic if you think about it) especially when there’s automatic entry to the CL next season.

    If we can pull it off then their finances will be barely take them past the end of this season let alone to the start of the next! Buy your shares in both Wall’s and Hartley’s now whilst they’re cheap lads!

  • Brian says:

    We chose not to stop them last time, what makes you think it’s any different this time. Along with the corrupt football authorities they will because they must win the league this season, the blue pound is more important to Celtic as much as our club tells us there is no old firm, you better believe we bank on it.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    We’ll see if they beat the Mini Huns on Sat wae MARE Dodgy decisions! 3 games on the Trot noo wae an OFFSIDE goal, Stonewaw sending aff & a DODGY sending aff!! All INNOCENT HONEST MISTAKES LOL!!

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