Tom Rogic Spent The First 45 Minutes Being Kicked All Over The Pitch.

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It’s half time right now and I usually don’t bother to post during the break, but in that first 45 minutes, Tom Rogic was kicked all the shop, mostly by the thug who masquerades as a footballer and goes by the name Gogic. Every time I see his name on a team-sheet I know exactly what he is there for and he performed his function, in that half, with aplomb.

It didn’t stop this team of ours from playing football and going in two goals to the good. We were quite brilliantly, and it could, and should, be a larger margin.

After he’d kicked just about everyone in a Celtic strip, Gogic was finally booked. But he was a menace throughout, and to Rogic in particular, who had to go off with an injury. Gogic, in the meantime, remains on, to maim some more before being withdrawn.

Rogic had a very good night up until having to leave the pitch. We must hope that his injury is not serious and that he is back in the team soon. But it is typical of the lack of protection that we get from refs that he was hit so many different times from different players, and only one of them has been carded. This is what we expect now from refs.

If I have one complaint about Ange it’s that he doesn’t stomp all over this stuff.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Kicked from pillar to post, i think is an adage. However I watched our Bhoys get up, dust down and get on with the job in hand. Hibs did show some moments where they could have made it a proper game, and if, perhaps they consentrated on footbal and not hackball they may have only lost by 1. Big shout out to Broonie and his Dons. Good draw, should’ve won but another 2 points dropped by the neighbours. I must say i,m lovin Celtic just now. The team that I thought needed time to gel are gelling so well that the pressire is elsewhere now. COYBIG, the title is ours to win.

    • Jimmy says:

      Just watched it. He pulled him back 3 times. Not seeing the maiming you are writing about. Rightly booked for persistent fouling. Let’s not get ridiculous.

  • Fred Howden says:

    It,s getting beyond reality now ! Serious injury inevitable for a Celtic player !

  • Michael Chalmers says:

    How our board can sit back and watch this is baffling or are the hiding a bigger scandal

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