Celtic Fan Groups Were Right To Express Their Anger At UEFA Over Kick Off Time.

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Two Celtic fan groups used yesterday’s game to protest about the kick off time, unfurling banners which targeted UEFA over the decision to play the match on a Tuesday afternoon.

Looking around the ground it was obvious that it hadn’t affected the attendance much, but the decision was ridiculous just the same and fans should not be expected to take days off work and change their schedules to accommodate such barmy decision making by the European governing body.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a nice novelty element to attending a game at three thirty on a Tuesday afternoon, but then I was able to bring my work to the game with me and enjoy the match. That is a luxury not afforded everyone and for some it was a real sacrifice to attend that one yesterday, and others who would otherwise have been there weren’t able to attend at all.

The banners are likely to get us into a wee bit of bother, as happened the last time we told UEFA what they could do on a banner.

The European body doesn’t like hearing its wrong any more than the domestic associations do even when it is a stone cold fact.

Fifty thousand fans were in attendance yesterday so doubtless there are some at UEFA who will think that vindicates them and that after all it was no big deal but I know a half dozen guys who used annual leave days and others who were going straight from the game into night shifts because they organised their dates around Thursday evening fixtures.

UEFA’s failure to properly work this out has cost a lot of our fans and it’s cost the club many thousands of tickets for this encounter which remained unsold in spite of the excellent numbers we were able to bring to the ground.

That the club will probably be fined for this obviously will sting even more.

It will also stink to high heavens.

It’s coming anyway and we should brace ourselves for it, but the fans who unveiled those banners were right to have their say and they were right to remind UEFA who the important people really are; the supporters, and in this case it will be the first time they’ve been considered at all.

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  • Brian Cavanagh says:

    Spot on James – Fifa select Quatar for world cup – and thousands of migrant workers die and are maimed building stadia; Newcastle taken over by a State with appalling human rights abuses; nothing to see here – Celtic fans complain about being exploited -consequences -if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

    BTW the last midweek afternoon game I was at Celtic park in December 73 -European Cup against a Finnish side 1.30 pm kick off due to three day week. Ask your grandad

  • SSMPM says:

    I agree about the right to protest however its not the gesture that’s wrong its telling them to fcuk off that reflects so badly on our club. Great night by Ange and the bhoys, I thought Jota was outstanding and Kyogo’s goal was pure class. I hope we can keep these bhoys and Ange for years to come as they will no doubt bring us much success going forward. They seem to be enjoying the club, the fans and occasions like last night’s European adventure. Who wouldn’t want to play in front of that atmosphere. If Ange can add to the squad with players of a similar elk then bhoy oh bhoy have we got a future to look forward too. I think I should mention Kyogo’s humility, its simply infectious and Ralston’s performance. He had a great game too and its making me reflect on the negative noises from the fans at the start of this campaign. We got it wrong and I hope we reflect on this, take a leaf from Kyogo and realise we are stronger if we take on the fight together. HH

  • Pedro says:

    Wee JohnJames is spinning in his Queen’s ashtray today because of the banner…

  • Roonsa says:

    People like you who probably know the GB might think this is groovy mate. But I can assure you a fair number of the rank n file like myself seen them nothing more than attention seeking self promoters. Sure protest. Does it have to be in a manner that they know will anger UEFA enough to fine Celtic?

    The Palestine thing they got spot on and fairfux to them for that. But this is boring because it is intentionally provocative with nothing but negative connotations coming our way as a result. Plus they think they’re the only ones who are allowed to sing at CP.

    I am not a fan.

    • Sophie Johnstone says:

      If you were fair in anyway,its up to the rest of the crowd to make noise the GB do their part but they have never said they are any better than the rest of us,I sit amongst many moaning old gits that singing is an alien concept to them

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Fed up with precious Celtic fans who after a very good European performance where we still managed a 50,000 crowd,all they can do is have another dig at the GB

    • Roonsa says:

      The article is about the GB Sophie and this is a comments section. I would say digs at the GB are fair enough in such circumstances.

      If you want to be part of the clique then fine. I would say (albeit through anecdotal evidence) that most Celtic fans see the GB as a hindrance and don’t want anything to do with them. They do not speak for Celtic fans (even though they like to think they do). They only speak for the GB and, in doing so, cost the club money.

  • John says:

    Totally agree with Roonsa. They do not represent all Celtic fans.Sick of their pathetic attention seeking stunts which achieves sweet f*ck all apart from a fine for the club which will be reflected in the price of next seasons ticket.
    With reference to Sophie Johnstones comment on old hits moaning. Thats just part of growing up. Totally disrespectful. If you can’t handle it, stay in the house and watch the game.

  • Bill says:

    Sorry, but those fans didn’t send any message to UEFA. As if UEFA are going to change their decision making due to a banner that insults them. All those fans did, and not for the first time, is cost my club money and flex their tiny egos. Brainless fools. The thinking fan should not condone them.

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