Ange Begins To Ramp Up His Plans For Revamping Celtic’s Backroom Operation.

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Yesterday, Ange sat down for the second time with the Celtic fan media and the big man on sparkling form.

Amongst the questions which were of most interest were the ones about future plans, and there he was very open about talking about what they were. The next area of Celtic to be given the complete Ange Postecoglou make-over will be the backroom team.

The hard yards that we’ve put in to getting the squad right have paid off.

By the end of January we should see the fruits of our labours there.

But Ange is not satisfied yet.

Indeed, I hope this man is never satisfied.

I hope we’re forever moving forward and getting better under his leadership.

Right now, the first team squad is the priority, but once the main work on that is done – early in January; that comes across very clearly – he intends to focus more on the backroom side of the business.

At the first fan presser, I asked Ange about that side of things and he gave a fulsome answer.

The man does not say something and then not do it.

That’s his next big project, and there is an emphasis, too, on the scouting department. He is taking the lead because someone has to, because otherwise the club wouldn’t have leadership at all.

Ange is an impressive man in many more ways than just his ability to put a team together. He has big, big plans for this club and not for the first time I’ve moved to wonder if we really knew what we were getting when we hired this guy.

“In terms of the structure around here, we still need some work around our recruiting and our scouting department. That will be the next focus for me to make sure we get the right people in that area,” he said. “That’s probably the one area where football is changing rapidly – the information that is out there and how you get that information and how you use that information, particularly around scouting. That’s the next step for me in terms of January.”

In the absence of a director of football, this is our man.

This is the guy running the whole of the football operation and it’s clear that when it is rebuilt it is going to be rebuilt the way this guy wants it. It might be time to re-open the director of football debate because if Ange is putting this kind of plan in place do we even really need someone else to handle it?

That’s a conversation that the fans should be having.

When the question comes up at the AGM listen carefully for what the club’s answer is.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Maybe ange should start with the $hit board we have it could do with some younger people with thoughts on how we go forward they present lot are well past their sell by date and get that @unt liewell out of the club still in the back ground ask mckay.

  • John S says:

    I don’t think it is so much of a Director of Football role that is the question, more like we need football administrators and backing staff to lessen the weight on one man’s shoulders and leave him to concentrate on the team.

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