Another Anti-Celtic Rant Re-Confirms Clyde As The Home Of The Parkhead Haters.

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When you mention the names, it is like a cast of characters right out of Celtic Haters Central Casting.

Over the years it has had them all; Johnstone, Dalziel, Ferguson, Broadfoot, King, Guidi, Keevins and Rae. There are more, many, many more.

The weekend just past was hilariously stinking, with Rae and Keevins both unloading on the club in a way that was deranged. Not satisfied with that, Keevins was at it again last night talking about how Ibrox had the “firepower” and Celtic don’t.

On the back of what? One match?

Has senility finally set in over there or has he missed that we have scored a goal more than Ibrox in the league?

Has he missed the fact that is only close because one game has skewed the data towards the club over there?

Of course Keevins hasn’t missed that fact, he’s stupid but he’s not that stupid.

At worst you could argue that both sides are equally capable of scoring plenty of goals but that Celtic’s defence has proved that it’s better than theirs (which it has) … but of course he’s not going to make that case because his whole reason for living is to criticise us.

Keevins is simply doing what he does best here, using his modest forum from which to spew poison in our general direction and it doesn’t matter if its grounded in reality or not. That has never made much difference to people like him.

The presence on that show of so many Celtic haters, like Rae, like those others going back years, continues to reveal that show for all it is, an unofficial PR repository for anti-Celtic stories and pro-Ibrox spin. There is no other way to look at it.

Facts don’t matter to that cast of clowns.

Stats are only convenient when they support whatever idiotic narrative is being pushed on a given night, otherwise they are completely ignored.

Celtic gets no benefit of the doubt any more than Ibrox gets proper scrutiny.

It’s a radio show populated by clowns.

On the few occasions I listen to it I can actually feel my blood pressure rising and IQ points being deleted from my brain. I can only handle exposure to it once or twice a year or I’d wind up in Hidden Hills eating soup with a plastic spoon.

It’s not just that it’s anti-Celtic, the whole thing is pitched at the level of a guy sitting in a classroom corner wearing a D cap on his head. Even the worst drunk in the worst pub has a broader range of football knowledge that their smartest panellist.

I cannot imagine that many Celtic supporters still listen to it.

I certainly cannot understand the thinking of any who do.

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  • vinthetim says:

    any celtic fan who lisrtens to radio clyde or reads the DR deserve all they get!!

    • Kyogos Dream Team says:

      Keechins is a schnivelling wee Cunt who wid get Battered was he ever daft enuf tae step intae a pub! Just a Senile Auld Dafty who hides behind a Mic & every Thick Hun Bastard who could ever think of!! You do know they Fone the Diks that are on it coz its the Same NUMPTIES on day in day out!! Dae yirsel a favour & watch a Cookery show instead lol!

  • Paul Dolan says:

    Why these ex rangers players always slaging celtic even that old git keevins he has never said a good word about celtic if celtic won all compitions he still say something negeative hugh pls & this is from all the celtic fans shutup just shut up if u dont have anything good 2 say about celtic dont say anything in fact pls quit & let the younger genetation in & not ex rangers players because they just as bad as u. Oh hail hail???

    • Barry says:

      Mark Wilson isn’t any better. He’s just Tax dodger Rae’s puppet and hasn’t the hawmaws to stand his own ground and give a Celtic minded view. Sold his soul so to keep in with the get along gang. Worse in my my book.


  • Barry says:

    Gives me a banging headache and wanting to put my fist through the radio. However, there are other forums from Paddy Sinat (Vital Celtic) and Born Celtic who’re scared to put a name to their articles that cover the radio shows and come back with their interpretation, which is sometimes not any better than the bile that Keevins and Co spout. Shame, as Paddy started good but has been going off the rails in more recent times.

    Sort yourself out Paddy and leave the lazy posts for the hacks at the red tops

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    I have never understood keevins and his long negative stance against Celtic as his background doesn’t match up and sometimes I think he is at the windup just to please them over the city.if I was on the Clyde panel everyone would know I am a Celtic man but he comprises himself for a pay cheque

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Yes I agree never ever listen to those morons Keevins
    grew up in partick and went to same schools as me,even
    then he was absolute arrogant prick unfortunately he hasn’t changed as gets older

  • harold shand says:

    Any Celtic fan that listens to a radio show which has on it’s ‘ panel ‘ Alex Rae , Andy Halliday and Gordon Dalziel three times a week and thinks they’re going to get a fair unbiased assessment of Scottish football needs to give themselves a shake

    It’s a hun show

    Ran by huns

    • Charles says:

      I wouldn’t even call these guys football pundits. Listen to carragher and Neville that’s what you call football pundits. These guys are just wind up merchants who think if they say something snide as long as they get a reaction everything is good. When you have a guy like EBT Rae calling Kyogo a cheat he does not see further than his hate for all things celtic.
      All ex EBT Sevco players are hypocrites. They should not be giving there opinions on anything related to football

  • scouse bhoy says:

    just as we have it in politics with a right wing media who refuse to print any negativity against the most incompetent government in history it is the same in this best wee country ? regarding football. in all the years leading up to 2012 we were accused of being paranoid but it all came crashing down when oldco went bust. they all need reminded of what they admitted that 140 years of history ended no sugar daddy came along to the rescue by paying the shameful mountain of debt left behind. blogs like this are a platform to remind of the facts because you will never be allowed to say it on snyde. have a listen to james o brien on lbc regarding media spin he hits the nail right on the head.

  • Green Machine says:

    The Govan Sevco franchise has achieved One Title.These Hun Believable Bell ends know no Shame.An embarrassment to Football

  • sfathenadirofchiftiness says:

    FFS.. how many times do you have to be told :


    You just keep them going by funding them. Reduced circulation and audiences have advertisers sh@t scared. They want their products screened to the widest possible audiences.

    Same goes to Indy Supporters. Do not pay the English Broadcasting Corporation for their anti Indy bias. Switch off and cancel your Direct Debits.

    Don’t fund any of them or play by their rules.

    If you want news about Celtic read the blogs.

  • T Burns says:

    I stopped listening to Clyde about 10 years ago
    I have never bought The Record, Sun,Times or Sunday Mail in the same time
    All are a total joke

    Tommy B

  • T Kelly says:

    Stopped listening to Clyde due to crap that they spout

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