Celtic Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Jota. He Is Enjoying Being Here And Will Stay.

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Some of the media is trying to have some fun with Jota’s comments today that he doesn’t want to talk about his future and wants to just enjoy his football.

They are trying to turn that into a story when in fact it’s the sensible thing for the player to say.

Imagine for a minute that he says that he’s dying to stay at Parkhead and then we go through the icy rainy Glasgow months of January and February and he doesn’t perform?

Imagine he hates the sight of those wind-swept, torrential rain Dundee away Wednesdays?

They are coming up you know; long wet evenings on muddy pitches, games bereft of any beauty.

How can that boy go back to Benfica having burned his bridges like that?

How can he hope to be welcomed back with open arms?

This boy isn’t stupid. There are so many things that can go wrong here that only a mug would have answered that question with a definitive answer. The press knows this, these people aren’t totally stupid, so they are just at it.

Jota is clearly a happy player at the moment.

He and Kyogo obviously have a great relationship and he’s obviously just as happy playing for big Ange. He’s bought into the whole Celtic project and you can tell he is loving playing in front of the fans.

Jota gets this. The chance to play in the Champions League Groups, if we can dangle that in front of him, would be the final thing to swing the deal.

If we can get the deal done in January, great.

But even this board cannot fail to see that this boy is worth every penny of the buy-out clause, so if he’s still happy at the end of the season, and we are, then I don’t see any way that this deal won’t be done.

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  • Brian says:

    These kids nowadays are taught how to deal with the media. They have standard responses ready for the ill prepared unimaginative questions that repeatedly come from lazy boring hacks. Finding a good journalist these days is harder than finding a good sevco player.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’ve seen a lot of blogs calling his answer classy. Funny that because it matches lots of players who have ended up moving on instead. There’s a lot of ifs in this story for a definite statement of intent to stay. Classy??

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