Celtic’s January Window Is The Most Promising In Years … If This Board Can Deliver It.

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On a day when I’ve been slamming the board for their arrogance, I think it’s worth pointing out that they can go at least some of the way towards convincing us that things are different and lessons have been learned by delivering what this January window looks like it could be.

Today there are reports that we are pushing ahead with the signing of Jota on a permanent deal; it is the smartest thing we could do.

If we complete that transfer and add to the squad at the same time then we’ll be in the best place we have been in years.

The summer window will be a series of tweaks instead of a rebuilding.

The management seems to know what the priorities are.

If reports are to be believed the manager knows who the targets are. Some of the squad players he will depend on in certain areas have been tied down and locked in for years to come. The captain is secure.

As far as the team goes we’re in a good place, and the feeling of being on the brink of something great will only grow as the boss gets to add to the squad he already has in place.

But it all depends on those timid men in the boardroom for once showing the initiative and the will to take us to the next place on the journey. Too often, at times like these, they pull back. We could have been far, far front of Ibrox had Rodgers got his targets in his final summer window.

It was knowing that this board had failed him which led to what followed.

This was not the first time that we failed to build and instead started pulling things apart.

The team Lennon assembled and which beat Barcelona was dismantled the following summer in one of the most scandalous reversals I’ve ever seen; we went into the Champions League qualifiers that year getting progressively weaker with every round.

With previous for it, it is no wonder that fans don’t fully trust this board to do it right. But they have to.

Repeat performances of those outrages won’t be tolerated by a support which is rebellious enough as it is. Ange is a good man with a plan which you can see will be very special if they do their jobs and deliver for him.

It will be a true disgrace if they do not do so.

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  • Nick66 says:

    The sense of ugency that was the backdrop for the summer window is not a factor going in to the coming window. We have manager that is ahead of the board and let’s hope leading the way. Should the proper prep be done and targets met then we should be in strong position come the end of January. The only worry is our board and their ability to F-UP.

  • Al says:

    This board are crap. Dont get your hopes up.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    £40 million bonus up for grabs and only one team to beat (livi,?)

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    If the board don’t back Ange & let the FILTH Scoop the £40M then anywan that gies them cash nxt Yr is aff their Fukin Heed! We should be Sooo Far oor the Horizon the SCUM wid be watching us win 50 iar!! Over tae u Dermott coz he’s DEFO Calling the shots the Tory Bastard!!

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