This Is An Exciting Night For Celtic. We Will Be Tested, But We Will Learn Things.

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Every experience is a teaching experience.

Everything we do is a lesson we can learn from so that we can do it better next time.

Leverkusen at Parkhead was a chastening experience, but if we haven’t taken at least a few lessons from it I’ll be very surprised.

This is an exciting time to be a Celtic fan.

There is just enough uncertainty about us to make you sweat a little every time we play. But there’s anticipation too because all of us know that this is a team which is capable of scoring goals against anyone we come up against.

Yes, even Livingston who before this season ends will be on the end of a major beating at our hands.

We could get a major beating tonight.

That’s something we all have to consider.

But we could also stun our opponents and much of European football.

This is the beauty of being a fan watching an Ange Postecoglou side. We will score goals. We are also capable of conceding them.

This we know. Yet every time we play these games, against teams of this quality, we get a little bit better at dealing with them.

We get a little bit cleverer for the next time.

Above all else, we need to cut this team a little slack. Leverkusen are a great side.

They have individual players worth almost the bulk of our squad.

They are a frighteningly powerful unit when they get motoring and better sides than ours will fail to stop them.

They have a largely settled squad.

Celtic is still a work in progress. But progress is the operative word.

I am really looking forward to tonight.

I don’t expect us to win, but what we know about an Ange Postecoglou Celtic team is that they will always put on a show for us.

Being a Celtic supporter these days can be summed up in many ways but it’s never, ever dull.

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