All The Celtic Park Bottle Thrower Did Last Night Was Strike A Blow For Higgins.

Image for All The Celtic Park Bottle Thrower Did Last Night Was Strike A Blow For Higgins.

This morning, the security team at Celtic had one priority and only one; identifying the moron (the harshest word I’m allowed to use or believe me there would be worse) who threw a bottle at Hearts’ Barrie McKay last night.

That idiot has been hunted down and tweezerd out of the support, given his marching orders from Parkhead and charged to the limit of the law. This is all to the good.

Plastic bottle? So what. Empty plastic bottle? Big deal.

People like this are a cancer in our fan-base that has to be cut out with whatever instruments are available to the club.

I said in a recent article about the yobs who fought a pitched battle in the city centre whilst garbed as “Celtic fans” that there is an element in our fan-base which is doing us harm and I repeat that today.

But they are doing themselves harm as well. On a night when protest banners dotted the stadium, those in the boardroom would have felt empowered by the bottle throwing.

All the guy who chucked it did was strike a blow for Bernie Higgins.

It is incidents like this which make it more likely that the club will plough on with his hiring regardless of what the mood is in in the stands. What kind of yobs throw stuff at players during corners?

The sort who someone like Higgins will be entrusted to deal with.

Apart from the act itself being neddish the stupidity of it, at a time when the board is under siege on this issue, is obvious. Obvious to everyone except the clown who did it.

It has our directors cover for the appointment which is opposed by nearly every single Celtic fan.

It will play into the hands of those on the board who don’t just think fans have no place in operational decision making but who also think that maybe some of our supporters need to be reminded of who exactly is in charge.

I’ll be honest; if I was in their shoes, I’d wait for the next daft incident and I’d announce the appointment the next day, listing the sins and saying that the escalating nature of them was the reason for rushing it through.

And you know what?

Many in our support would greet that with nods of the head and general agreement, even, perhaps, some who are opposed to it right now.

I am glad this moron has been identified and charged.

His behaviour has done further damage to two worthwhile causes; first, that of Celtic itself and secondly, the campaign against a retrograde appointment which looks more inevitable with every day that passes.

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  • Jim MacDonald says:

    There wasn’t just one incident there was a few. Get rid of these idiots. The kind of twats that have made it unsafe for us in Europe. If the GB can’t police themselves then they’ll just bring more shame and controversy to our club. We will end up with fookin points deductions etc.

  • SSMPM says:

    You’re right of course this behaviour is unacceptable. It was not the GB that threw bottles and it certainly was more than one, it was a few idiots in amongst the GB. Cctv should be able to identify them and then it should be a ban or bans, an example needs to be set, straight forward really. Let’s be clear though it was not all of the GB. HH

    • Jimmy says:

      Did the Green parade self police themselves SSMPM and throw him out. let’s not kid ourselves, there were a few more lauched from that section. On another matter. Singing Ira throughout the game, little in the way of Celtic songs of which they’re are plenty. Is this really giving our team our full backing. I would suggest not.

  • AllaboutCeltic says:

    Absolute idiots and should be banned for life after naming & shaking them. Why would you do something as stupid. What purpose do they feel they are proving to themselves and the club. Getting sick of reading & hearing the negatives about our club, when there’s so much positives there to be spoken about.

  • JC Davidson says:

    You are being kind to genuine morons. This behaviour by a supporter(or is it supporters?) of our Club is beyond moronic.
    This 100% total eejit has only managed to throw yet more unneeded criticism our way.
    Celtic supporters MUST and ALWAYS take the high ground. Let those of an RFC persuasion be the ones who disgrace their Club, the country and the game in Scotland. We, true Celtic fans, must always rise above this utter nonsense.

  • Jo says:

    For over 50 years I have enjoyed going to parkhead ,but I see a change over the last few years.T so called group of celtic fans TGB only think of themselves they don’t support the team properly .They hardly sing Celtic songs they cost us money the best atmosphere was the night they were banned the whole stadium sung celtic songs they will bring us down with them if we allow it .Please whoever runs them sort yourselves out.

  • SSMPM says:

    Response to Jimmy. The GB clearly did not self police and it would be easy for me to escape the debate with a simple “Its not their job” but I agree it would’ve been the responsible thing to do.
    Given the good charitable work that many of them do, not all btw, and the good causes they stand up for my point is they are not an homogenous group, all responsible for the idiots amongst them. As the team was capitulating last season did they get our full backing. There’s a lot of hypocrisy at our club amongst our support, among the fans, we remain a Celtic support divided. HH

    • Jimmy says:

      Agree with nearly all of what you stated. They do amazing charity work and for that they deserve enormous credit. My point is The majority of the songs sung are not Celtic songs. My argument is that is not backing the team on the park.

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